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This happened to me when I was still in elementary school. I lived in a trailer with my grandmother who I call mom and my little half sister. 
One night, I was sleeping on my mom's bed while my sister slept on her bed. It was very dark that you can't even see your own arm. I woke up for some reason and looked at my sister and saw 2 perfectly round circles glowing green above her! But I ignored them thinking they were glow in the dark stickers that my sister decided to stick on her bed. So I went back to sleep. 
A few hours later, I woke up again and looked at the same spot. The glowing circles were gone! When I looked around, I saw them on the floor. I thought that were weak stickers and just fell on the floor. But, perfectly apart like they did above my sister. Again, I ignored it and went back to sleep.
Hours past and I felt something touch the tip of my nose. I don't remember if it was sharp or rough or soft. I only remember that it was a very light touch. I woke up with my eyes wide open to see...those green glowing circles right in front of my face only 2 inches away!
I immediately grabbed my pillow and screamed trying to hit it. But seconds later, it wad gone. My mom woke up angry asking me what happened. I told her what happened and all she did was plug in a night light and then told me to go back to sleep. 

A few years past and my sister and I were sleeping in the living room on separate couches. She slept on the small one near the door and I slept on the big one near the hallway that led to my mom's room. The room was very dark and hot. So we used sheets to cover ourselves.
As I was falling asleep, I heard scratching noises from across the room. I thought it was a mouse. But, it sound too big to be a mouse. More like a creepy deep scratch that was slowly moving against wood. 
I looked up and saw...the glowing green circles behind the recliner! Only they were more bright! The one on the right was perfectly round while the one on the left looked a bit crooked. As if it were peeking from behind the recliner. I stared at it in fear not knowing what to do since my mind was empty at the moment. 
After staring at it for what felt like blinked! A 2 second long blink! I thought it was probably light from the window, but the window was covered up. So I thought it was a prank, but none of us were good at any pranks. So I quickly covered my face with the sheet. But the thought of it attacking me when I want looking made me look out of the sheet. The eyes were still there. Perfectly still and still staring! I was afraid of it running to me or even moving. So I covered my face again only to have that other thought go through my mind. So I panicked covering and uncovering my face very quickly like an idiot while the eyes stayed still.
Finally, I screamed for my mom while crying in fear. Obviously she got up taking her time to come down the hallway. So my sister woke up from my crazy loud screams. She my mom finally arrived to the living room, she made a mistake and turned on the lights. Which made the eyes disappear. I immediately told her,"It was the eyes again! Behind the big chair over there!" She walked up to it to find nothing. Not even scratch marks. So she decided to take me to her room. But while we walked in the hallway...I felt something gently tug on one of my ponytails! I ran to my mom's room and turned on her lamp crying. 
We moved out a few months after we had enough money to leave. But the day before we packed, my mom told me something that made me feel relieved. She told me that she saw the eyes! Only they weren't green. So, what did we see? And why did we see it in different colors? To this day, I still haven't found out the answer. I just hope we never see them again!
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