Glitch or doppelgänger?

Hey, I’m here to tell my story so one day while I was at school and then when school ended I went home and my older brother walked out of his room and told me where I was I told him I was at school all day why ??? 🧐 Then he explain that in the morning he was 100% he saw me sitting on the couch just starring at the wall not even blinking. My older brother tried to talk to me but I wasn’t talking or anything so he’s like okay then and he goes to his room because he thought it was odd. Then later my dad walks in and apparently he saw me too siting on the couch he also tried to talk to me but I didn’t say anything or move just stare at the wall while I was sitting on the couch. The later on when I got home around 3 pm my brother walks out and says where you I said I was at school and he told me what happened I said that’s so weird and I was wearing white t-shirt and white basketball when I was sitting on the couch. That day I wore jeans and a pink shirt. So no clue why “I was there sitting down “ and not moving and why I was wearing that clothes all white I mean I did own that clothes at the time but I didn’t wear it the day my brother and dad say they saw me wear.

Another time was strange my dad and 2 older brothers went out to the store to get food and I was still at school so I wasn’t with them and they all told me they heard my voice singing. My brothers got irritated 😠 and said “shut up “. Then my older brothers and dad turn to look in the back and realized I was never in the car with them. They were all freaked out so idk who was there with them and who was singing in my voice 🧐🤨 just a bit odd
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