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it took me a while to talk about this because honestly i felt people would think im off my rocker a real crazy person sharing this so i took a leap and posted a comment the other day on you tube about a giant creature i seen one night in the trees and now i feel confident enough to share this story so here it goes... 

i live in Central Alberta but at the time was living in Northen Alberta,  i cant disclose where as its my parents property and they have enough issues with people trespassing to party at the old stone house at the back end of the property and others just snooping around looking to loot, anyways this happened nearly 3 years ago. My daughter and i lived in the same town as my sister a couple blocks away in an apartment above a few abandoned stores. i didn't have the best relationship with my neighbours across the way as they acted strange around me all the time, over a couple months i had issues with coming home from sisters and noticing food was missing or things in general were missing, the tv channel was changed, my shampoo/conditioner went faster than it should have, my daughters clothes would randomly go missing and re appear etc, but i chalked it up to me over thinking how ever i would soon be proven wrong as my sister eventually left my nieces father and moved back in with our parents at their property. my daughter and i went out to my parents one time to babysit for just over a week for my sister

the night before i was supposed to go home i received a call from a police officer, he had asked if everything was okay and asked where me and my daughter were located, i had informed him what was going on...long story short the people across the hall broke into my place, trashed it and called the police on me ...i was horrified... here i had been at my parents helping out my sister and out of know where i nearly loose everything including my daughter because the condition those people left my place in was terrible , the next few weeks where hard on me, i had to return home and clean up their mess, people in the building looked down on me and would often talk behind my back, calling me names etc, eventually i could not take it, i ended up back at my mom's after 2 weeks. while at my mom's i received a message on my fb from some stranger i didn't know the very first night i was there, it was around 11 pm , he had sent me pictures of the inside of my apartment, called me names, repeated some of the conversations i had over the phone etc basically admitting to breaking in and stealing i broke down into tears and ran outside to my mom's car, once in side i called my friend and told her about the messages and everything that has happened lately, my friend who ill call sarah ( not her real name) tried to calm me down, it took a bit but once i did i felt much better. it was now roughly midnight ish and she proceeded to tell me about her day when a eerie feeling washed over me, you know that feeling of being watched you get when some one or something is watching you? that's the feeling i got.

i glanced up from the steering wheel and looked out the windshield and up towards the top of the trees to see 2 large glowing red eyes about the size of tires on a kids bike. to give you sort of a visual of the area when you pull into the drive way to the right is trees, the drive way is a bit up hill and once you nearly reach the top there's a fork, the road going to the left goes down a hill onto the main area of the property where the
fire place is, the garden, swings etc big open grassy area, beyond the grass is a large field that my dad and his family harvest bails for farm animals each fall. on the other side of the field is even more trees, a couple hills to the right and that's about it. if you take the road curving to the right it leads you to the front of the house where the drive way ends. the house is to the left of the drive way built into the side of the hill and over looking the field at the end of the drive way is the small garage and dog pen to the right of the garage about 20 feet back and it has sorta been built to stick out of the tree line. to best describe it, trees surround the property. 

what ever the eyes belonged to it was a good 40 ft away from me, the tree line is about 20 feet away so it would be roughly 20 feet into the trees...im assuming.. it was pitch black out at this point so im not entirely too sure how far in it was. the thing was huge! its eyes were like flash lights that lit up the top of the trees! this...thing reminded me of the iron giant from that Disney movie the iron giant quite literally! it looked away briefly then back at me, i was so scared i couldn't even scream. "h-hey s-sarah...." i whispered into the phone trying to be as quiet as possible. sarah asked what was wrong so i explained what i was looking at and of course she like the amazing friend she is believed me. the thing stood still for what felt like hours just watching me before walking away, mean while sarah was trying to talk to me about anything and everything to calm my nerves. once it left she tried to convince me to open the door and make a run for the house which was only 8 ft away, but i couldn't move..what if it came back when i opened the door? " i asked her. sarah laughed, called me a big chicken and told me just to run!

thankfully i listened to my gut feeling and remained in my mom's car because it came back only this time it paced up and down the tree line watching me, almost waiting for me to make a run for the door! i watched it through the windshield paced back and forth atleast 7 times before turning its attention else were briefly then back at me.. i felt trapped, i knew that this thing could flatten the car with me in it if it wanted to or even pick the car up and toss it in the air, i dont know how long i was in the car the for but thankfully at some point my mom opened the house door to check on me and it took off, i quickly hung up the phone after saying a quick "bye!" to my friend and  took advantage of my mom now standing on the deck to run in side, once inside i told her to lock all the doors and clothes the curtains. my mom asked what was wrong and of course when i told her she didn't believe me so i went and sat down on the couch ...i didn't get much sleep that night and was scared to be outside after dark at her place for a while...i only ever seen it that once and to this day i have  no idea what it was i saw. if anyone has knows or has any idea what it was that i saw that night please let me know!
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