I am an EMT and firefighter with 14 years of service. I could write volumes of books of things that I have seen so far. Some of them are hilarious, some of which would make the hardest of you cry! But when it comes to the paranormal, I have this theory. I believe ghost don’t just haunt the place that they died, they tend to haunt the first people they see. Perhaps it is something comforting to them to attach themselves to the living, at the time of their death. Our firehouse is especially haunted. It’s nothing surprising to see doors open on their own, chairs moving along the floors, random objects move along tables, and phantom footsteps on all floors.

Sometimes in the very room we were in. We really became aware of how haunted the building was, when we installed motion activated lights and a CCTV security system. Lights would turn themselves on, as if something would trigger the motion sensors, and the security cameras catching figures moving around, as well as objects moving frequently.

But this incident happened when I was just a rookie firefighter. I was cleaning our safety trailer one night. It’s modeled after a single wide mobile home, and we use it at schools and special events to teach children and adults alike about fire safety and how to evacuate Incase of emergencies. As I was cleaning the outside, I heard some children laughing just outside of the firehouse. It was a hot summer day and I had the bay doors open to let some cool air in. 

The laughter I heard was nothing particularly noticeable, or creepy, just sounded like two or three children at play. A few moments later, I could hear them laughing inside of the main bay, where we keep our Engine, Rescue, and Tanker trucks. I closed all but one bay door and made a very thorough sweep of the building. Speaking in an assertive but non threatening tone, informing the children that this was no place to play. That they could get in serious trouble, or worse, hurt on our equipment. After searching the entire building, I couldn’t find anything or anyone, and I figured they sneaked out as I was in the back of the firehouse. So I closed the last bay door and resumed cleaning the safety trailer. 

Moments later the door to the kitchen opened. This door has an industrial spring in one of the hinges and it takes a good 7-10 pounds of pressure to open it. Just enough to where a gust of wind or a light breeze couldn’t force it open. From inside I could see my hand held radio floating. Rotating around as if someone was curiously looking at it. And again I heard the children laughing, this time coming from the kitchen. I was standing on a small attic ladder, frozen in fear.

I was the only living person in the firehouse, as it is a volunteer station, and isn’t staffed 24/7, like a paid firehouse. 

Suddenly a chair started sliding in and out from under the kitchen table, but it suddenly stopped. Frozen in fear, I was still on the ladder, but only a few rungs up. To this day, this part still gives me chills. I felt a very cold still air on my legs. And from directly under the trailer, I could hear little whispers and faint giggling. As I finally gathered  myself, and climbed off the ladder, I caught the smell of burnt, wet, flesh.

To put this smell in perspective, it’s similar to the smell of burning meat on a grill then dousing with water. A smell you never forget, once you’ve responded to a fatal fire.

Still hearing them giggling and whispering, I quickly ran out of the building and drove home, sweating and panting. I later called my chief and told him about what I experienced. He invited me to his home, to explain what was happening.

He explained to me, that it was the 6 year anniversary of a fatal fire, that claimed the lives of three small children. And they tend to frequently appear at the firehouse, especially on that day. What happened next nearly made me vomit! The chief played a video of the 15 year anniversary of our fire dept’s celebration, and the delivery of our safety trailer. He paused the video and instructed me to listen very carefully. As he played the video again, the camera moved around and a couple was walking out of the station with their three small children. The children in the video were the same ones who unfortunately lost their lives 6 years prior to that very day. And their innocent laughter, was exactly the same as I had heard around the firehouse.


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Reba Petro
That is so sad. I was in a fire when I was a child. I was playing with my mom's Zippo lighter. I was 6yrs old at the time.
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