When I was a young child about 7 years old I was then living in a small town called Wilkeson in Washington state. We were on the outskirts in a decent sized neighborhood and being that close to mount Rainier it was very rural.

I lived in a two story house with my window facing the driveway and front yard. In my room I just got a bunk bed and thought it was the coolest thing cause I could see out my window while I was in bed. About a week after I got the bunk bed I had woke up in the middle of the night having to use the bathroom. As I made my way to the ladder I looked out my window and saw two people out side in my lawn.

After I climbed down I jumped up on the cabinet that was in front of my window for a better look of the people. As I looked out I saw two women standing at the edge of my driveway staring at my lawn and talking to each other. The weird thing was where they were pointing was where my black lab liked to lay down when we would let him outside.

I knocked on my window trying to get their attention and find out what they wanted. In unison they slowly turned their heads and looked at me. Their faces were grey white and blank of all expression. Then I realized that their clothes were weird like something people would wear a long time ago and the didn’t have any color either.

As I jumped down from the cabinet I saw them turn their heads back and stared back at the same spot. I woke my mom and told her about the people in our drive way. We were outside in less then two minutes and the ladies were gone no trace of them at all.

Fast forward three weeks and I woke up again in the middle of the night. Now since that first night I saw those ladies I had dreaded getting up to go to the bathroom but every time I was relived that I didn’t see them. This time how ever I got up and saw them their again. I climbed up on the cabinet and this time they were looking right at me.

Both of their faces were different this time their eyes were black and they were frowning. In unison the lifted their arms and pointed at my lawn. There in the lawn my lab was sleeping my dad had let him out when he left for work. I ran and got my mom and told her about the lady’s and my dog. We both went downstairs and opened the front door.

My dog had just started barking when we walked out on the front porch. The ladies were gone again but this time a guy was running at my lab with a stick trying to hit him. When he saw us he turned and ran away. After that day we made sure my dad didn’t let my dog out and I never saw the ladies again. It may have been scary to see those ladies but they saved my dog and I’m so glad they warned me.
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