At the time this story took place I was 12. I am a female and I stand at only 4ft and 8in, I'm easily scared knowing I can be taken down without much effort.

One night I was sitting in my living room texting my boyfriend. My nephew and sister had just left and my parents were away for the night. I was all alone and already paranoid. My house is haunted by a few spirits who are really nice unless you say something they don't like.

So I was used to creaking noises here and there. I heard a clicking noise that made my hair stand up. I turned down the volume on the tv, so as to hear it clearer. When I finally muted it I heard a loud bang come from my bedroom.

I squeaked and hurriedly ran into the back room and quietly as possible. I heard more loud noises and they seemed even closer. I rushed up to the attic and told my boyfriend I thought there was someone in my house.

At first he treated it like a joke, but when I told him about the loud noises he seemed paniced. I told my boyfriend I loved him and put down the phone. I took my pocket knife from my pocket and scooted to get out of the attic.

Normally all you have to do is kick the door and the stairs fall. I sat there pressing all my weight on and it wouldn't budge. As if someone was holding it. I started crying, thinking that that would my last night alive.

Noise picked up downstairs, it sounded like someone was just throwing stuff everywhere. Like in the kitchen scene in the conjuring 2.

I put my hands over my ears, "no, no, please no," I whispered. At this point I wasn't sure if there were people or demons in my house. Suddenly, it all stopped. And the stairs fell. I raced down the stairs and out of the house. I stayed at my neighbors house until the next morning.

The next day when I got back to my house with my parents, there was no trace of anyone being there, nothing was disturbed, but all my and my mother's jewelry had been gone.

Yet nothing else valuable was touched. I swear it wasnt amother person in my house that night. And even stranger, all the messages on my phone from my phone that night were deleted when I got it back from the attic.

And my boyfriend has absolutely no memory of us talking at all after my nephew left. I still don't understand any of this, and I kinda have a feeling it will happen again.
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