Morten C.

(English is my second language so i hope this is readable)

I work at a home for blind people with other handicaps, there are three shifts, morning, evening and night. When i started i worked primarily nights. It was easy and i didnt have a lot of work to do. Most of my shift contained washing clothing and cleaning kitchenwere. During the night shifts there is only two people working, one in each end of the collection of houses. One for the majority of the house (the people living here requires almost no help during the night) and one in the one the house at the outskirts, were the most handicapped people lives.

Its in the house were the most handicapped people lives my story takes place. 

The house:

When you enter there is a long hallway to your right with small apartments on the right side and kitchen and bathroom on the left. At the end of the hallway there is a small living room.  To the left of the entrance there is a small room with washing machine and a dryer. The door in and out of the building is a large glass door.

The story:

When i first started i heard rumors of weird sounds, sounds like shuffling feet, wheels and creaking doors. This can of course be explained easily if you dont know the residents. Only one can walk by her own and she rarely if ever does so during the night. I didnt think much about it when i started, having more than a few years of military service behind me i'm not that easily scared. After a year or so i had grown used to the odd sound here and there, it no longer seemed weird to me. So one night when i left the washing room i make a quick glance out of the entrance door. In the middle of the door there is standing a black silhuet of a person his arms above his head. I could see no facial features i could destinguish, it was just black. Although its night outside, the road between the houses is light up by powerful street light and inside the building i have turned on the light, so i should be able to see the person standing in the doorway. 
After the initial shock i run towards the door, as I run the black shape disappears. I throw open the door and look around. The area around the door is open and the few seconds it took for me to run the few feet a person wouldn't have been able to run away and out of sight. I walked around the building looking for people without finding anyone. I called the other night shift worker and asked if they had been at the house, which she denied.

When the morning shift arrived i told them about the episode. They told that most people only hear the sounds, but the description of the dark shape and the way i had seen it act, matched pretty well with a former resident that lived there only a year prior to i was hired. He had died of cancer in the house and was missed dearly by the day shift workers, so many of them could still recall him. I was assured that he was friendly and didn't do anything at all.

After that night shift i never saw him again, but i never felt alone either.

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