Not to long ago, about a couple weeks ago. I went on a trip to see my Aunt and Uncle. My siblings and I would drive around the west coast, just for fun. One time we went to these old bunkers that were build during a battle or war. I quite know about which battle or war it was and I don’t really know the history behind it. All I really remember is that every said it was haunted by some of the people that died in the fight. Other than the fact that the sun was about to go down, we decided to visit it anyway, you know... for scares.

There was four of us, my two cousins and, my younger sister, got out of the car.

We spooked each other out as average teenagers did. I have always loved this red video camera I got from Christmas from about four years ago when I was 11. I basically have been obsessed with it and brought it everywhere, including our mini road trips.

The first half of the time, I held the camera and the second half my sister did. We played around and record basically the whole thing. I climbed up on top of the bunker on the roof, away from my cousins. I looked down at the second part of the bunker that my relatives having ventured to yet. I looked down in the little area, as the wind suddenly stop I didn’t heard anything, which was very odd.

And then heard something very strange. It sounded like someone running through the area below me, that was just out of sight from where I was at. (Later after watching the recording that my sister made. I realized she called my name as this was happening, but I didn’t hear her) My sister and one of my cousins finally emerged into the new area talking and gigging while my sister kept recording, and the wind started blowing and howling again.

I asked them if they were running or something, but they said they weren’t and they thought I was trying to scare them. I ran down the steps the go meet them and thought I heard some sort of humming in the distance but I didn’t bother even looking and ignored it.

We messed around a little more and kept the camera rolling. We all wanted to go down stairs deep in to the underground bunker, but it was pitch black and my eldest cousin didn’t want to go. We were listening and decided to go any ways so we turned the camera light on and the lights on our cell phones. We started to go down until we heard a noise coming from the bottom of the stairs. It was some sort of squeak, like the sound of basketball players shoes on the court floor.

We all got freaked out and ran all the way back to the top of the stairs that went down to the parking lot. “Oh shit...” I mumbled.

My cousins stopped and looked back at me. “I forgot my bag and coat.” I told them they told me to hurry up and waited for me. I ran back and ran across the old building. I slowed down at the corner. I peered around the wall and saw my bag sitting about ten feet away from me, it almost looked like it was waited for me. I quickly tip-toed over to it quietly.

Whatever, or whoever, was down there, I did NOT want them coming out from the dark door way. I carefully picked up the bag and put it on. I hated myself for putting my bag and my coat ten feet from each other as I walked slowly this time over to my coat lying on the ground. I watched the pitched black hallway to downstairs. I finally grabbed my coat and started wrapping my coat around my waist and pulled it tight, but then froze.

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I suddenly felt I was being watched.

The wind stopped again as it did last time and there was no sound. I turned my head and looked back at the door way to barely see something disappear. I stared at the abyss and my fear into anger. I stood up straight. “Hello?” I asked. I then laughed nervously of how dumb I sound, though I still knew I was a little uneasy.

Then I saw something in the darkness it was some sort of pale face peaking at me. It was human, but there was something off about it. I let out a frightened grunt and ran. I accelerated as it felt like I was being chased.

I probably wasn’t being chased but I was to scared to look back and see. I didn’t tell my cousins what happened because I didn’t want them to feel the freight I was feeling. Though I was scared I still had to urge to go back and see what that thing was. I was more of a horror movie loving Tom boy than a freaked out teenage girl. What can I say? I love running toward things.

I gotta be honest though, I didn’t want to be alone with that, that, “thing”. On the camera we didn’t hear the squeak noise which was odd, considering it was loud.

This story maybe hard to believe but I am sure to you it was real. Recorded and published. And maybe some day I will figure out if it was a ghost or some sort of creature. I know it wasn’t human. I know it wasn’t. Because when we were there, the parking lot was empty.
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