This is a collection of, relatively short, experiences that I had at my previous place of employment.  I worked at a restaurant on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, TX and my paranormal experiences took a new turn and at this point; and currently, I'm not deterred by the paranormal.  The day before I officially started, I was told by the old man, now friend, that most prep cooks don't last because of weird happenings that happen at random points of the day.  I asked how long do they last and he says about a month, which I thought was strange.
My first experience happened about four months before I left.  It was about 0245, after a big rush had finished, I decided to take a break outside on the riverbank.  When I came back, I saw the dish washer in the dining room with a frightened expression. I asked him if he was ok and he said that one of my pans exploded out of the sink; and the pan isn't your standard stovetop size, I'm talking about a 28 quart, heavy duty pot.  
Before I could go home, I had to fill a 5-gallon bin with flautas (flutes).  I went to the walk-in to get some tortillas to dip in the frying oil but the atmosphere felt different. Ignoring this new feeling, I continued to dip the tortillas until I suddenly heard someone whisper "Joshua".  I slowly turned because I didn't want to accidentally splash someone with hot oil, but I was alone in the kitchen.  Thinking nothing of it, I dismissed it as me just being tired.
The second experience happened a week later at the about the same time.  I was just finishing up rolling more flautas, seems to be a pattern, when I was going to get a bin; my right foot wouldn't move.  I let out a confused grunt and looked down to see nothing but my boot and floor, however I felt a tightening pressure, almost like a hand grabbing me.  I kept trying to free myself from whatever was grabbing me until the pressure just disappeared.  I thought to myself that this ghost was most likely an attention hog. 
The final, notable, experience was about three weeks before I left, right before Christmas, at about 0300.  I was making three pans of rice while my coworker, who I'll call Jacob, was making some guacamole.  I was using my paddle to stir around the rice when I suddenly hear Jacob scream out "What the hell?!"  I jumped and held my paddle like a bat.  I shouted what was his problem and said that he saw a black figure through the doorway that connects the dry storage and kitchen.  I told him that no one came through the door, since I was closest to it.
I told him that I'll check out the hallway to see if anyone is there and behold one of our server friends was sitting out at the front of the hallway.  I asked if he had just come from the dry storage, and he said no, that he had been sitting there for a while before I came out.  I then asked if anyone came through and again he said no.  Intrigued about this revelation I returned to the kitchen, only to find Jacob standing at the entrance of the kitchen.
I asked him what he was doing there, and he responded that he wasn't going back inside after what he saw.  We argued but I gave up and told him to go home and sleep it off.  I turned on the burners again and continued to cook the rice; when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black figure peeking around the corner and looking at me.  Annoyed that Jacob saw correctly, I turned my head just slightly to glare at it before it quickly took cover.  I shook my head in disappointment and muttered under my breath "I'll be damned, you finally decided to show yourself".  After that, nothing happened to me but to the others, they kept having experiences with it; and I'm not gonna lie, I miss it sometimes. 
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Reba Petro
Well that sounds real spooky.
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It was wierd 
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