Hey there, my name is Trey. I am a 19 year old male. I'm a future marine, actually 17 days until I leave for basics. My friends always call me crazy for my behavior I'm what you would call a live wire. I like to push the limits on everything I do. I'm also a fanboy of the paranormal.

I love going to the supposedly haunted churches, graveyards etc. So that's a little bit about me. Now here's my story. This took place around September of 2016. I was with a good buddy of mine who was off shift that night. For privacy we'll call him mike.

See mike and I got this wild hair to go to Strawberry Chapel which is one of the oldest churches in Berkeley county South Carolina off of HWY. 402. See this chapel is back in the woods on the river nothing much around no cell service, nothing. Now I've heard the rumors about this place it's haunted blah blah okay, lets find out right. So Mike and I got in the truck and drove. At first site my heart rate started to climb I mean this place is creepy.

When we got out the truck we realized it was quiet way too quiet. We found a place to get into the grave yard. When we hopped the fence it fell silent I ignored it. We pulled out our phones for light to read the old grave stones and like a jackass I was putting it on my SnapChat which looking back was disrespectful. Any-who we walked up to the first monument and started reading.

I took a video of this thing and I was getting snaps back telling me to go in the tunnel or knock on the door. We looked at each other and agreed we would. At the time we turned our back to the monument we heard a little child's laugh. Talk about stopping in our tracks we looked at each other like deer in headlights. That's not even the worst part I'm getting chills talking about this. After the laugh from my back we heard heavy feet running to us. Nothing like a deer or dog it was human sounding steps, in sync I guess. The feet were coming to us and fast. He and I bolted and cleared the fence we just hopped to get in. I've never made a jump like that in my life.

After this, I forgot to mention to start with, but like I said this church is on the river well parallel to the river runs train tracks. You can hear trains coming a long time before you see them. There was no sound of any trains, no motor noise, not lights, nothing. When we hit the tracks to get back on Dr. Evens Road which runs into 402 we saw a light out of no where it was a train. This train came out of nowhere with no sound only the light. When we crossed the tracks I turned around to realize it was only the engine of the train nothing more and when it hit the tree line it disappeared with no sound or lights.

I encourage anyone in the low country of South Carolina to go to Strawberry Chapel. Do the research on it before you go and you'll be surprised what you find. I did research after the fact. Turns out a little girl was left to die and her ghost still haunts the grave yard. That explains the little child's laugh but the train I can not explain and nothing shows up on the internet. That's my story hope you liked it...

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