It was around Christmas and I was wrapping presents for my family my house is pretty large as it is an old farm house I was at the end of the house where nobody would be as I was wrapping presents it was then that I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around but there was nothing there I continued what I was doing thinking I imagined it but then it happened again I turned around and again there was nothing there I thought it was my sister trying to scare me since I am easily scared so I ignored it again and continued with what I was doing. On the 3rd time this happened I had had enough I went up to find my sister who was at the other end of the house and I told her to knock it off but she said she had been here the entire time. No I know my sister normally if she was the cause she would of giggled or claimed credit and I don’t think she could of ran back to the other side of the house without me hearing it the thing that sticks out to me though is that I wasn’t afraid of this that’s why I didn’t react much I am sure that something tapped on my shoulder and my house is very old so I’m sure it was a paranormal entity
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