I was 13 at the time and was living in Lakewood Colorado in a apartment building with my brother, mom, and step dad at the time. It was a Saturday night and it all started around 9pm, my little brother was at a friends house playing Sega and doing a sleep over or what ever 8 year olds did at the time. My mom and step dad were out partying and I was alone watching A nightmare on elm street with that creepy Freddy Krueger child predator. Any way I was sitting there getting into the movie when all of a sudden the picture that was on the wall in the hall way to the bed rooms fell off, so I got up and put the picture back up on the nail and went to go sit back down. Started watching the part of the movie where there was screaming and what ever and the picture decided to fall off again so I got up and put the picture back up again and told myself that was really fucking weird how it keeps falling off so I went to the kitchen and got a the hammer and another nail and made sure this fucking picture would stay on so I hammered another nail about an
inch or so away from the other nail, put the picture back up and even wiggled it hard to see if it would fall off and nothing happened. So I went to sit down and during the the scream of the lady on the movie the picture I could hear, flew across the wall, not fall, but flew across the wall like something purposefully threw the picture across the wall. I made it to where a person would have to pull the picture off themselves for it to even come off the wall when I nailed it back up. I got up and took off outside the apartment and didnt return home until my mom and step dad came home three hours later, I went to the Denny's that was there at the time and asked the manager if could sit inside until my parents came home, she was nice and said....sure honey and even fed me a hamburger and fries and a coke on the house, I'm sure she paid for it, any way, I waited there at the restaurant and kept calling until my mom answered, three hours later she picked up and said get home, I did and when I returned she asked why the picture was off the wall slung all the way to the other side of the wall, I told her my story she said I don't believe it and she was drunk and slurred her words when she was talking, she had set her mixed drink on the table she had made herself and went to bed and shut the door, my step dad never returned home that night and I kept the lights on all night thinking to myself.... why did the picture keep falling off the wall only when someone was screaming on the Freddy movie? It was like a ghost was taunting me or something. It was like it was looking for my weak spots and knew I'd be more scared because of the movie. Never happened again after that. We had a murder suicide happen the next apartment building over, like a week prior. My brother and I also played the ouija board too, like three days prior to the my incident, All I do know, I'm 37 now and to this day I still remember that dark weird night.
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