So, this 2 stories that im gonna tell you, are not mine, they are from my father.

first story:

This happened a long time ago, before i was born, when my father still was a kid and  lived in a house that it was kind of haunted, he shared his room with his brother, lets call him luis, and one night my dad was sleeping when he suddenly woke up thinking that there was an earthquake, so he woke up luis, but luis told my parent that nothing was moving, that the only thing that was moving was my dad's bed, my dad paralyzed, and after 10 seconds the bed stopped moving.


In the same house where the other story happened, my dad was with my mom and my cousin,my cousin was arriving home from work, when suddenly, they heard things falling to the floor and dishes breaking down stairs, they all froze, because they where only 4, and they where all upstairs, so no one wanted to go down to check if someone came in to the house, and my dad was the one who went down to check, but when he go down to the kitchen (where the sound was coming from) he turn the lights on, and the sound stopped, there where no dishes or glasses destroy and everything was perfect in their place.
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