My name is neil and this one of many true storys that has happen to me and my brother this one is far more scary out of them all.I live in a small town called Sinclair Mills I was about 7 my bro was 5 we were on are way to bed for the night it was around 12:00am maybe latter not sure on the time but what we saw herd and felt stuck in are mines for ever frist we awoken to are room shaking and rumbling then are little side table flew across are room we jump out of bed looking at eachother and said what the fuck then a sound almost like  moaning at first then it got a little bit  louder and louder and louder then out of nowhere a hole began to appear in the wall both saw something that I can't even explain or even give you a description of what it really looked like but the background of it was all red almost looking like a volcano erupting the hole got bigger and bigger we didn't know why how or even what to expect but out of nowhere what we saw next we couldn't even explain first we saw two glowing eyes they were about the size of a softball but more narrow they were glowing oranges red with a black Center to them I had began to appear along with the eyes it was enormous and when I mean enormous I mean like gigantic almost the size of a giant head with two gigantic lower jaw fangs this thing stared at us for both couple minutes me and my brother both turned and looked at one another after grabbing each other going Holy Ship I turn to my brother and said let's go in touch it figuring that we are still dreaming I made the first move toward it reaching out with my hand I whined up touching one of its fangs going this can't be real my hand is about to go through it's and I'm going to wake up but I was wrong so wrong my brother windup poking one of its eyes at the same time as I touched its fangs it opened its ginormous mouth and let out this God awful Roar that shook our room and scared the ever living s*** out of us then we started screaming for Our Father which happened to be next to us sleeping in his bed across the hall from us we were yelling for about a minute before he woke up he Open the Door to our bedroom when he opened our bedroom door everything went back to normal our little side table that was across the room back to the wall where the hole was our dad looked at us like we were crazy when we tried to tell him that there was a gigantic monster that came through our bedroom wall he just told ue to go back to bed its just a dream ever since that day nothing has ever happened like that again we try to tell our friends they thought we were crazy so we just kept it to ourselves I moved on with our life Im now 30 and have kids of my own if they have any thing like this happen to them im going to  believe in what they tell me.

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