I live 15 minutes from Gettysburg and after I got my license it was a fun place to tour and smoke. after dusk your not supposed to enter the field but we didn't care one night me and my 4 friends were cruisin we wanted to check out devil's den at night a min or two after getting on the road off in distance we heard what sounded like boots stomping and it was very foggy so couldn't see far then ahead on passenger side of the road about 15 fr from road there was two people standing holding hands they as the headlights hit them went right thru them and we all were like wtf is that then as soon as we drove past it looked like fog evaporated them or something just slowly faded out. Never gone back in the dark to there again 

Feel free to change it to make it sound better thanks
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You know, the fact you have said ‘feel free to change it’. Makes me think you haven’t really tried at all to write a decent story. 

Also please don’t abbreviate through to ‘thru’. This isn’t some early 2000’s song writing contest.

A little care and attention to structure and spelling makes all the difference. 
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