My sister's English teacher is a very no-nonsense kind of person who has no patience for bullshit and demands efficiency at all times. She wasn't a religious nor spiritual person, and has little to no interest in the paranormal. 

That is why when she told my sister this story, we were surprised to know that she has had encounters with the unexplained. 

Every school dorm has at least one ghost story, even if it didn't have the reputation of being haunted. And this story is about my sister's English teacher's roommate when she was in college.

The roommate in question came from a very simple and humble but strictly traditional family. She has never dated anybody in her life despite being a young adult, and was a diligent student who didn't party, smoke nor drink. 

As the semester in college progressed, the roommate was steadily growing in size, developing a potbelly at first, then becoming bigger and bigger with each passing month. No one thought it strange since college is a time of much stress and anxiety, so most students didn't maintain healthy eating habits nor exercise regularly, and definitely no good sleep schedules. 

One night, my sister's English teacher was at her desk studying, while the roommate was already in bed. Suddenly the roommate started groaning in pain, and loudly complained of severe cramps. Thinking it was that time of the month, both didn't think too much of it, but the cramps became increasingly intense and frequent, until the roommate was screaming for help and begged to be brought to the hospital.

When both were at the hospital, doctors and nurses recognised her symptoms as those of a woman in labour, in addition to her looking very pregnant with the large belly and weight gain. She insisted that she couldn't be pregnant because she never had sex in her life, and never dated anybody before, and was never in a situation where she could have been taken advantage of physically. 

The doctors sent her in for an ultrasound and x-ray and other scans just to be sure of her claim and to find out what is wrong. The scans revealed that her womb was expanded and stretched like a pregnant woman's, but there was nothing inside. It looked like her womb was a balloon filled with the maximum amount of air that it could hold. Yet she was experiencing contractions, but none of the accompanying signs of a woman having a baby, such as broken water, profuse bleeding, and there was no baby, no umbilical cord, no uterine membrane, nor placenta to be found. 

She continued screaming and crying as the pain got worse, so doctors gave her strong painkillers and tranquilizers, but could not figure out why she was having such intense cramps and why her womb was so bloated. 

When her family was informed, they visited her in the hospital where they too were very perplexed by their daughter's condition. As doctors could not diagnose anything, the family went to a medium, who is also a spiritual healer, to seek advice. He told them to bring their daughter to him, where he stopped the pain and swelling after performing an exorcism. 

My sister's English teacher found out from her roommate later on that the medium claimed that she had a phantom pregnancy - she got pregnant by the ghost of a womanizer. While she never had sex physically with anyone, she had dreams of an unknown man having sex with her in her sleep many months prior. Thinking it was just a bunch of curious dreams, she didn't correlate it with her gradual weight gain at all until she met the medium. As it wasn't a live pregnancy, she didn't have a real baby, but she did carry a ghost child who didn't need the same things that a real baby needed in a womb, such as amniotic fluids, membrane, umbilical cord and placenta - that is why other than the weight gain, she didn't experience typical pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and missed periods. 

Ever since that episode, my sister's English teacher and her roommate slept with a protective charm hung in their room and carried spiritual repellants at all times. 

Even though this experience really shook her, my sister's English teacher is a typical non-superstitious, ambitious modern woman. She is the type who wouldn't let man, real or ghostly ones, from taking advantage of her. May be this is why she was never into dating, never got married, and chose to never have children. 
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