I am a 32 year year old women and was 30 years old  4'10 120 pounds 
I been told by people i look 16 or 17 years old.I have High functioning autism and ADHD I live with my Mother,Step Father,Younger brother and sister  and enjoy going for walks to get fresh air.

  i moved to a this town when i was five as the family was growing and we needed more space for the family.Its one of those small town with a population of no more of six - thousand people and everyone knowing everyone ,Making it a pretty safe town as most of the kids in the neighborhood grow up together and rode the bus to school, So i felt safe going for a walk when my mom told me to go for  walk and i should go out and get fresh air
On a side note i am always a bit jumpy and weary as i watch alot of stories written by darkness Prevails,creepy pasta and alot of true storys 

. I decided one day to bundle up and go for a walk as it was the end of winter as i begin  to walk down the hill then back up another hill towards a slate corey i use to  climb as a kid with my siblings .A car pulled up to me and the window was rolled down it was a silver Honda.She was an older women and face was a bit weathered and reminded me some of my aunt Dana. She said want a ride and i said no as i one don't accept rides from strangers and two  had just started my walk. So i then continued my walk .She kept insisting being like come on  you need know you want a ride or things like your going to slip as she would pull a head a couple feet and stop a couple feet ahead of me after 4 or five times of saying no to her asking she drove head up the hill and i blurted out fuck it and turned around and ran home as i was full of adrenaline as i ran most the way home as i didn't want to find out if the women was waiting for me up the hill as i didn't want to find out if she was up their waiting for me and what her intentions where. I was so shaken up by this that i know i could of been a victim of child trafficking and end up on a missing poster at walmart and got lucky nd now carry a can of pepper spray with me incase i ever run  into her again .
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