This happened a few years back after I broke my color bone. A friend of mine (who at that time was a practicing wiccan) preformed a spell at her place to speed up my recovery. Incidentally my ghastly encounter happened that same night and at roughly the same time. I was sitting in the lazyboy we had at that time and I was watching animal planet's most deadly. I drifted off to sleep at some point. when I awoke, the lights in the room were off and the tv was all snowy/static. I looked over toward the kitchen and saw something that scared the shit out of me.

Standing there in front of the Christian things in my house was this dark, looming shadow. It was simply just staring at me. It's eyes were big, round and glowing red. It looked as if it were wearing thick, heavy robes made of shadow, with patterns that vaguely resembled ancient Persian craftsmanship. But it kept it's distance and just leered at me. The whole time I was whispering "God loves me, he will protect me. Nothing can harm me unless he allows it. I'll be safe and God will protect me." like a mantra and after the staring contest between me and the thing of shadows I was able to fall asleep again. I awoke again and all was normal and the show was almost over.

Now I know how this sounds and know for a fact that it happened and was not a dream. Not sleep paralysis or anything of the sort. I was honest to God awake. This is the most terrifying supernatural thing that I have ever encountered.
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