The story starts at the beginning of summer. I had just gotten home from the store and had to take stuff to my friend's house. When I got there her mom told me that she was walking her dog with her friend and to go find her. By the time I found her, she was already over by the pond (it's now that I should mention that the pond has woods surrounding the perimeter and this is where it took place). I remember my friend telling me that when she was little she thought if she took her feet of the pedals of her bike she thought she was cool. I was going by and doing so, saying, "Look at me, I'm so cool," (well laughing). The laughing was pretty quiet, but for some reason it began echoing by the woods and it sounded wrong. Needless to say I was pretty freaked out but I just brushed it off. 

Later that night I had dungeons and dragons with all of my friends and the person hosting's house just so happened to be right next to the pond. The night went good doing our usual festivities and later hitting the hay. I was one of the last people to leave in the morning and I decided to bike home since his house was so close to mine. On the way out his mom stopped us and asked, "Where you guys like screaming at midnight last night?" We both said no because I clearly remember checking my phone at 11:50 when we just started drawing are characters well being fairly quiet in the basement. We did this right before going to sleep so it couldn't of been us. I brushed it off as just kids just playing outside even though it was fairly odd it was at midnight. Little did I know that I would here the screams for myself.

Fast forward to yesterday at the time I'm writing this story, I was riding my bike around and decided to stop and walk around the pond a little bit. It was then that I realized I had to pee really bad and my house was to far away. So I did what any rational person would and began doing my business in the trees. When I was finished and getting ready to head back on my bike, I heard it. It sounded like a woman screaming mixed with a dying cat. It was god awful and made me nope out of there. I'm not sure what that was but I think it wanted me out of it's territory. I do believe it could of been a skinwalker and if you are out there, Mr. Skinwalker, let's not meet.
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