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So here is a story based on my life in Tucumcari New Mexico. Now before I begin I would like to point out I had issues back then to where I had to be in TFC or known as treatment foster care.Now in Tucumcari New Mexico there have been certain things people believe to be supernatural now I’m not the one to go off legends I live with some foster parents by the name of James and Lucy. Now I went to Tucumcari  Middle School.

Now I’d like to point out my foster parents had an alarm system set up in their house. But me I had an old habit of looking up YouTube videos and learning new things certain things that would involve  getting me in trouble.

So I decided to get curious and find out how to bypass that alarm without the passcode and it worked.

OK so here goes with the story. It was a Friday night and I was bored in my foster parents house so I waited for them to go to sleep and as I waited for them to fall sleep I was thinking what I should do to have some fun that night and then it hit me why not go to the school at night.

Just know there have been so called sightings of a spirt of a Mysterious creature. Kids believe that this creature was dangerous maybe they’re right or maybe they wrong who can tell but from my experience with this so-called creature it was nice to appoint. So when I snuck out of my foster parents house I went to my school. When I get to my school I decide to sit out in the courtyard oh that really realizing it I noticed someone else was out there and I’m over here thinking to myself maybe just a kid that has troubles like my own so I started walking closer to the kid.

When I realized that wasn’t a kid it had a hoodie on now I’m not ashamed to admit I have a gift I can sense the supernatural.

Call me crazy but when you come from a family that does some really weird stuff you can’t learn some stuff about yourself now as I’m walking towards a so-called kid my gut starts twisting and I start hearing a growling noise coming from that kid as I’m walking closer I start seeing his eyecolor it’s a glowing gold. Now  most legends or best offer certain demons or entities but this demon or entity whatever you wanna call it it was it was afraid honestly it felt more scared of the people as the people being scared of it now as I said I’m no expert. I just have a gift but maybe I was wrong as I said because at first it played nice but then it started changing very quickly it’s energy became more dark and the eyes seem to enhance.

I think for once in my life I will say that was a fearful incident for me and now I understand why kids called the school freight school but most people base it off legend but what’s legend and what’s true you have to know for yourself.

To know if a legend is true or not then you have to find out in person so I ask who knows more about the hauntings of New Mexico that question still remains an answer to this day. I learned ever since then never sneak out to a school on Friday night. For those who are scared of the dark for what awaits them in the darkness beware of who or what they were when they were alive maybe somethings are meant to never be unburied because some secrets are meant to never be spoken
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