I was lost, and I knew it. Lost in the woods at night.
Before I begin my story, let me tell you about myself. I am in my mid twenties but was nineteen at the time of this story. I live on the border of Ohio and West Virginia, and in the wooded areas, in the same house I lived at when I saw this man of the woods.
At the time I had quite a few young friends that I spent every weekend with. That particular autumn night we were at my friend Jonah's house, sitting outside in front of his house at a campfire. We were laughing and drinking, just having a good time. No one wanted the night to end, so when the fire began to go out, Jonah stood and declared that he was going to gather more firewood. And so he left the rest of us.
The night went on. Minutes passed and Jonah had not returned. I began to get nervous. He had been gone for fifteen minutes, and the pile of firewood was only just behind the house. Maybe he needed he!p carrying the wood, I thought. So I stood and started towards the back of the house.
The firewood pile was on the edge of the dark forest, and that was where I found Jonah. He was stiff and shaking. He was pale and his eyes were wide staring into the woods. I patted him on the shoulder and asked what was wrong. He barely moved but slowly brought a quivering arm up and pointed. I followed his finger and peered into the trees. A pair of huge white and circular eyes peered back.
The eyes were only a few feet off the ground, so whatever the creature was it was either short of crouching.
Me and Jonah stood there watching it for a while, too scared to move or even breath. And then the creature stood. It wore a plaid red shirt and blue jeans. It was at least nine feet tall and skinny as heck. It had no nose of ears or hair, but huge shimmering eyes and a skeletal mouth.
Jonah and me bolted. We ran into the forest, and soon lost sight of each other. I didn't care, all I knew was that I had to get away from that thing. I soon heard footsteps running in the bushes behind me. The were way to fast to be Jonah and sounded like they were on all fours. They were closing in, I turned around while still running, but wished I hadn't. I saw its glimmering eyes focused on me.
And then I fell into a hole. I fell about five feet into a dirt bike that was obviously a trap. I heard a bell ringing as an alarm, and then voices.
"I think we got it!" They said. " we'll make that won of a **** pay! " With that and other curses and shouts I pieces together what had happened. Local hunters had set a trap for a creature that had been eating their kills. The creature was the very one that was chasing me, and the trap was what I had fallen in. Above me I heard shouts, but now of surprise and terror as the hunters saw the monster. "What is that?" They cried. I heard them run for their lives and the shrieks from the monster.
I took the chance to climb out of the hole. I couldn't see the hunters or the creature. But then I realized that I was utterly and hopelessly lost. I almost have up, but then decided that it the hunters were out here, then there must be a cap in nearby. After an hour of what seemed like endless searching, I found it. Empty.
I found the bedroom and I guess I just have fallen asleep. I was awakened by a piercing scream. I immediately knew what it was and hid under the bed. Sure enough I heard footsteps nearing the cabin. They walked slowly around it, as if trying to find the way in. Thankfully I had locked the door. I thought I could wait until morning or until help arrived, but then I remembered the window. It was wide open, and the footsteps were nearing that side of the cabin. I got an idea and got out from under the bed, and opened the door. The monster ran towards, and I ran to the back of the cabin to where the window was, now that the creature was at the other side I could hopefully climb out undetected.
I jumped out the window as silently as I could and ran into the forest.
I glanced behind me, and barely saw the monster standing in the window watching me with his head tilted. There was now blood in his skeletal mouth.
I eventually found my way back to my house, not Jonah's. I had traveled eight miles that night. I never found out what happened to Jonah or the hunters, but after Jonah's disappearance my friends moved away. I was the only one to stay.I
I call this creature the Bubbajacks, for no reason besides the name sounds creepy to me.
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