This story happened when i was 16 and i’m still freaked out about it today. As i stated, i was 16 and had a thing with this girl. one night we made plans and to sneak out and go star gazing.

i lived in the woods about a 15 minute drive out of town so i had to pay my brother gas money to take his car. i got his keys, picked up the girl, who i’ll call L for this story, and drove to our high school where we laid on the football field for the next 2 and a half hours. while we were enjoying our time, L noticed the same white ford f-150 drive by the road by the high school a couple different times.

we didn’t think much of it, but i took mental note of it. well we both decided we didn’t wanna go home quite yet as we were having a great time and it was only 2:30 at that point. so we chose to drive to a park about 20 minute drive out of town and 10 minutes from my house. as we were driving i noticed the same headlights behind us for the last 10 minutes which kinda gave me bad vibes. i mentioned it to L who immediately brought up the white ford. us being young and paranoid decided to pull off into a neighborhood and see if it follows.

after a few random turns, sure enough it was still following. the headlights were still a little ways behind so after making a right turn i floored it down the road, turned my lights off and pulled into some random driveway next to a big truck and turned off the car. L slouched down in her seat but i turned around to watch as the same white ford f-150 drove by. at this point L was freaking out and i was trying to calm her down.

the truck drove by 1 more time, so we waited 15 more minutes before leaving the neighborhood from the opposite way we came in.

L had called her older sister and we agreed it would be best if we just went to my house since it was closer and wait an hour or two before taking L home. at this point we were about 10 minutes from my house and the roads to my house from there were 2 lane forest roads with no lights. L had mostly calmed down, as had i, but i was still very cautious and constantly checking my mirrors. 2 minutes after we pulled out of the neighborhood, i checked my rear view mirror and my heart sank. there about 200 ft behind us, i could see red tail lights on the road, but no headlights. the truck had followed us but with no headlights. i immediately called my brother who said he’d meet us on the edge of our property with his AR15.

L had begun crying and i tried my best to console her but she was terrified. and rightfully so. we make it back to the house and my brother is waiting with his AR15 at the beginning of the driveway. at some point the truck behind us had pulled off, which i didn’t notice because the headlights were off.

my brother came with me to drop off L. i stayed with her till the early morning until her parents would be waking up. she is still traumatized by that night and i feel really bad for asking her if she wanted to hang out that night. nothing else ever came of the situation except a creepy story for me and bad memory for L.
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