Hi, my name is Luisa and i m 18 years old and this happened 3 years ago when my mom got a gift from her friend and there were a drinking glasses set. Anything paranormal but her daughter told my mom that she use black magic or witchcraft which was weird, like why she would say that to my mum. Obviously i didn t put attention on that because i didn t believe in these kind of things until one day. I left home alone because my mom was at work, just me and my cat. So i was in my bedroom, doing my makeup and watching tv when my cat wake up and staring at the door, of course this scared me so i looked at the door too just to see if there was insect or anything, but it was empty. I don t know if i am the only one but i can feel when is someone in the house. I knew something was there with me so i forgot about it and i felt asleep. I started to dream and i saw in my living room 3 chairs side by side with 3 black figures on them and then i woke up scared. Everytime when i was home alone i just felt a presence and it wasn t a good one. I felt like vomiting and i was super anxious i can t tell why, i just felt horrible. I told my mom about everything and we decided to put the glasses in the trash and i swear to God, everything by then was ok.. i didn t felt the way i used to and i m glad everything get back to normal. Be carreful because demons and hell exists, just like the Heaven and Angels.
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