Let me start of by saying these stories are not mine, but have been told to me by my family. Both of which happened at night on or just after hunting trips.

The first story happened to my father and my cousin. One night they decided to go frog gigging along the back roads of the hunting club they were in. My father says the night was uneventful for the most part. They hadn't even seen another car drive by that night. Which was a bit odd as it was one of the clubs main roads.  They managed to fill a ice chest with frogs and started back towards home. On the way there they started to notice something.

Eyes glowing in the trees. Not just a single pair. Not even a dozen pairs. My fathers swears to me that there were so many eyes he couldn't even count them all. Then the next thing he knew there were owls in the road and flying around his truck. He says there were so many that they surrounded the truck and even started to attack it. Flying head first into the windshield and clawing at the sides.

He and my cousin both were terrified that one may eventually be able to break the glass and if that happened they worried they wouldn't be able to keep the owls out. My father says he had to slow the truck to a crawl. Not by choice mind you.

But the owls were so thick in the air that he couldn't see the road ahead of him. They had to crawl along at around 5 miles per hour for about 3 miles while the whole time the owls never let up the assault on truck.

Scratching, pecking, and body slamming the truck from all directions  Eventually they owls let up and they were able speed up and leave the swarm of angry claws and flapping wings behind them. To this day no one but me seems to believe them. My cousin doesn't even talk about it anymore because he tired of people calling him a liar about it.

Which seems odd given what happened to him just a few years later. In the same area he and his buddies had once again gone frog gigging.

Much of the of same happened an uneventful night where they got a decent amount of frogs. But once again on the way back to the truck to go home they started to hear something. A long howl. My cousin and his buddies recognized it as a coyote howl. They paid it no mind and kept walking but then another howl broke out, but this time from behind them not 10 seconds after the first howl. Then more and more howls came.

Slowly at first from different directions but quickly picking up by the second. My cousin and his buddies were more than spooked at this point.

Because it howls sounded like they were starting to come from all around them. The howls kept increasing in number until from what my cousin says it sounded like a air raid siren it was so loud. He and his buddies dropped the chest and booked it towards the truck the whole way there the sound never died down it stayed with them and they could here things rustling the  bushes all around them.

Keep in mind it was dark and from what he says they were to scared to use to the light they had because they were in panic mode. As a result of this they never actually  saw any of  the coyotes. My cousin however says that once he was within 20 feet of the truck a howl came right in between him and the truck.

Meaning one of them was blocking they're way to the truck. My cousin in a panic threw his frog gig in the direction of the howl heard a high pitched yelp and he kept going until he reached the truck. Once they were all in they sped off and to my knowledge haven't been back. Some context I later found out about the area leads my to believe these may be connected. Both are located near a native american burial ground in Dixie county Florida.

The road its on is known as the bow legs road because of they native american chief buried there. Billy Bow Legs I Believe. So perhaps... just perhaps the spirit chief is causing these odd behaviors in the animals there. So watch yourself if you ever find yourself on those back roads at night.
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