I have few more stories from my own experience as well as those from my acquaintances. But first start wid one legend that revolves around my family.

I m from the state of Assam,India. My ancestors first were settled in this small town in assam by then ruling king. According to the stories i listen from my older family members as well as by elderly neighbours my first ancestor who settled here was a priest . He mastered all kinds of tantric spells and stuff. Earlier he used to live with his family in neighbouring village of the capital , a neighbour to the then minister of kings court.

Once while on a visit to his village the minister happens to notice my great great grandpa sitting by a pond fishing. The minister who ws his childhood friend asked jokingly hey priest boy what are you searching for?fowls n chickens? My ancestor looked at him smiled a little and pulled out the fishing rod and there ws a live chicken flattering its wings trying to get loose from the hook. There ws another incident where he tried to change the course of a flooded river with his tantric power. The spell ws so strong and as in such white magic everything is allowed except messing wid nature ,he lost his hearing ability.

Those were the days when kings were expanding the territory and my present hometown was inhabited by tribals who too were very good at their own level of magic. They used to pet what we call in our language 'beera' kind of poltergeist that were able to defend their territories from kings army. The news of my ancestor happens to reach kings ear and he called him to his court and told him that because of powerful spells we have trouble crossing the river and conquering their land and if u can counter their spell i will grant u n ur family lands and riches and temples . My ancestor suceeded in that attempt and the land was conqured. We now own that same land king granted us.

But the story turns a bit dark after our forefather settled . There was a huge mango trees where reside hundreds of vultures and had to be cut down much later. It was the same tree where once the beeras,the guardian spirits of those tribals resided. 4 of the kids died while playing besides the shade of that tree . Then there are still 3 old but large ponds in different parts of our hometown where it is believed that those tribals cursed that someday some of our bloodlines will be drawn to those ponds and will drown . And the curse did come true at different time with different family members. But the one i had the first hand knowledge was the drowning of one of my own uncle in the year 2003 . He was a district level swimming champion but still could not escape it. My dad believe it to be an accident but other members including me and even our neighbours dont feel the same.
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