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One cool but comfortable evening about a month ago my fiancé and I went spotlighting for deer in Eastern North Carolina. It was a new moon so the only light came from the car’s headlights and the spotlight.  We started out on the backroads around our home, with the beam of our spotlight piercing the dark wood line. Here and there we would stop and get out when we saw deer that were blinded by the light so he could gauge if they were bucks or not. About 30 minutes in we find ourselves down a gravel path that we had not known was there.

We headed down the path slowly with the tires crunching against the gravel as I scanned the woodline back and forth searching for deer.  While doing so  I passed a tree where multiple sets of slanted yellow eyes were staring back at us in an unblinking and unyielding way.  Steven exclaimed out loud wondering what  that was and and told me to stop the car.

 I did so and a wave of uncertainty washed over me. Something wasn’t right with this scenario. We got out of the car with the light still fixated on the sight before us. The tree was about 100 yards ahead. Utter silence ensued with my heart feeling like it was beating to a heavy metal crescendo. No crickets, owls, nothing could be heard.  I heard Steven start counting the pairs reaching 8 and as he did, they started disappearing until only one set was left. We took a few steps-albeit reluctantly on my part- as Steven started walking faster towards the tree.

I stopped him as I zeroed the light on the center of the tree. What we saw still has us baffled and scared to this day. The owner of the reflective yellow predatory eyes was weaving side to side halfway up the tree with the eyes never blinking or moving away from us. We could detect a long pale body moving back and forth as it stared us down. The length of this creature had to be at least seven feet.  The dread I had been feeling finally made its way up to my head and I told Steven to get in the car. I walked backwards never taking my eyes off the creature and it’s eyes never wavering off us until I reached the safety of the car. When I zoned the light back up to the tree the creature was gone.

The ride home was quiet for the first few seconds until the shock ran off and Steven asked if I had seen the same thing he had.  At first all I could do was nod my head as I was shaking from head to toe.  We started mulling and trying to come up with a rational explanation as to what we had just encountered but could not come up with anything.  

A week later we were sitting in our living room watching a movie late at night. Our house is situated literally in the middle of nowhere with fields and trees surrounding us on all sides and total darkness unless we have our porch lights on.  Next thing we know we hear three light knocks on the window behind the couch followed by a scratching sound. Terrified we couldn’t do anything but sit frozen listening to the scratching.  That same feeling of dread started pouring over me.  Our dogs went crazy barking and carrying on with their hackles raised while they followed the sound throughout the length of our house. After about an hour it ceased and hasn’t returned. We did some research online and are thinking it must have been either a Wendigo or a Skinwalker.

While doing this I recalled a memory from when I was 16-17 years of age riding home with a girlfriend from a school event. I must have repressed this until I started searching for answers to what Steven and I saw in the wood line that night. My girlfriend was driving down this long winding road heading home to Bath, NC while I was manning the radio. There were a few houses scattered here and there but mostly forest and fields lined the road. I found a song we both liked and settled back into my seat.

Turning my head to the right I saw this shape running parallel with car. At first I thought it was a dog but as I peered more intently I noticed it was almost shaped like a square and really low to the ground. Its legs were disjointed looking, like a spider but with only four legs.  Looked to be the size of a medium sized dog perhaps.  No other features were discernible as the moonlight was ebbing due to clouds moving through the night sky.  I yelled my friends name and she startled, cutting the radio down wondering why I had screamed.

When she saw the shape keeping pace with her car going 60mph her face went pale and she stomped on the gas pedal. We hit 80 mph with this monstrosity keeping pace. As we came up to a curve the creature veered off from beside us and disappeared into the night.  The rest of the ride I stayed glued to the window in the event if would join us again but it never did.

We never spoke of this incident again until I called her up and asked if she remembered that night. She went quiet and said she had never spoken to anyone about what we saw but our recollections were the same. All I can say is this really happened to us and if you don’t believe then it is on you to go venturing into our forests at night. There are things in these woods that we can only begin to imagine.

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