This experience is about my step-dad,who was only a few years old at the time this took place.He,his mother and father,and his two brothers and sister were living in a house,on a hill.It wasn't like a loner house where it was the only house there,but it was a street on a small hill with a few houses.He's told me about all of his experiences,and one of them almost killed him.

My step-dad was a few years of age,and was just climbing on his dad as he was sitting in a recliner he'd just bought not too long before.My step-dad ended up falling behind the chair,and his father couldn't catch him in time.All of a sudden,the metal on the new recliner snapped and slit my step-dad's throat.He was rushed to the hospital and luckily survived.This wasn't the only experience though.Every now and again,a bouncy ball that him and his siblings would play with sometimes,would bounce down the stairs randomly at night,when everyone was sleeping,even after the ball was put up.

Everyone would fall down the stairs,as if someone pushed them,but when they'd look,they saw no one.

After a year,they decided to move houses.They hadn't read about the history of the house until then,when they decided to move.There was a fire there,and twin sisters died in the fire,brutally.There were some other deaths that occurred there,but I can't remember them all.My nana (My step-dad's mother) swears to this day,that she will never live in another house that's haunted.She now moved to a nice neighborhood next to a nice school and neighbors.She says she's had people come over to her house to inspect for any spirits,and to make sure,preformed exorcisms and some other things to insure her safety.There were some other spiritual interactions,but these were the most freaky I know,and I thought it'd be worth sharing.
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