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    Having just listened to the podcast about things that happen in the woods, I thought I would share mine.  In a way I kind of

wish my story was about something unexplained or "other worldy", but no, this is about real people, and being in the wrong

place at the wrong time.

   I was 13 at the time, and I and my best friend both boarded our horses at the same riding stable.   It being summer break,

we were there first thing in the morning until it got dark.  Our stables were next to a few houses with only a chain link fence

between us.  We would always notice the neighbor lady, we though she was "cool".  The only time we would see her is 

when she would step out onto her porch and wait for whoever was picking her up.  The best way to describe her is, she

always looked like a girl from a heavy metal music video, big hair, red lips, sun glasses, high heels, and short dress or 

skirt.  This happened daily, to the point where like clockwork, she would step out her door, dressed all up, wave to us, and

get picked up by some fancy car. The last time we saw her, she had a fur coat on, with spiked high heel shoes, she waved 

 to us and this time a fancy limo picked her up.

The next day we got to the stables real early because we had planned to take a ride out in the local forrest.  We were 

always told not to ride there without adults because it was a distance aways, but nobody will know.

We were about 5 minutes into the woods and our horses started acting up. We stopped to listen and could hear digging.

Not animal/ wildlife digging, the sound of a metal shovel hitting dirt.  We were not riding on  the actual traill, we had  

gone off the trail straight away.   As we ride up the hill we see a mini van parked . This is not an area where any  kind

vehicle  should be so it startled us.  The digging we had hear was coming from there.  Apparently we startled the guy that

was there with his van as he quickly shut the door of his van, grabbed his shovel , and grabbed a black garbage bag put 

them in his van and left.  Very odd, maybe we caught him try to dump trash illegally and thats why he acted the way he

did?  We rode down to where the van was parked  and saw that he was digging a hole, a  good sized one, until we 

interrupted him.   People that dump trash, just dump it. They don't drive to a spot that I would of  thought would

be impossible to get any car there, dig a hole in that hard ass rocky dirt to bury trash.  Besides the unfinished hole,

there were several cigarette butts, a empty bottle or some off brand vodka , he had been there quite some time.

We had gotten off our horses, to go pee behind a tree, tighten up our cinches and head back to the stables.  Having 

kicked some leaves there was an empty roll of duct tape, and a silver charm from a necklace or bracelet , of a

dolphin.   A  couple days go by, and notice we had not seen the neighbor lady and for some reason her dogs that always

roamed free in her yard were chained up.  The next day, dogs are still chained up and very agitated , barking and whining.

This was very strange, and concerned if the dogs were being fed, before we left  to go home from the stables we

had mentioned our concerns about the well being of the dogs to the adult that was there.

The next morning we get to the stables, there was yellow caution tape and news vans and cop cars. The dogs were gone.

The owner of the stables told us to come to the office and had us call our parents to pick us up, no reason or anything.

That night on the evening news, we saw it.  The reporter standing right in front of the  house where the lady lived.

The porch that she would stand on and wave to us torn up.  They pulled out 5 black trash bags taped with duct tape

and inside the bags were the remains of a human. The dogs were tied up because they were trying to get to them.

A few days go by and they say the remains were of the woman that owned the house. Her name was Denise, I never knew

her name before. They show footage of the suspect of her murder being arrested at his home. And in his driveway was

the mini van we saw that day in the woods. We must of rode up on him attempting to hide the bags of body parts.  He 

then must of waited until night to put the bags under her porch and tie up her dogs.

This happened in the 90's in so. callifornia.
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That's a crazy story. Thank goodness you weren't harmed for seeing the murderer
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