I am a truck driver and I work for a        
certain water company that is located in 
Michigan. The route that I drive for this  company  takes me as far as the upper peninsula, down to Central Michigan.

To give an idea of whereabouts this creepy experience took place. I was near Roscommon county.
Now this was way back in late January. When the night came as quickly as 5 p.m.

was driving down a real highway around 8 p.m. and a snow storm was picking up. Now the trucks that are provided by my company I can't say that they are in the best condition, but we have to drive them anyways.

As I was cruising down the highway my truck began to sputter and shake. With a sigh I pulled off to the side of the highway, turn on my hazard lights and put the vehicle in park. I have been dealing with this all day, because of a coolant leak in the heater core. I have to fill up the coolant reservoir which takes about 5 minutes.

Dressed in only my clothes and a baseball cap. I exit my truck and enter the snowy January night. As I unlatch my hood and pull that up, that was the only sound to be heard for it was very quiet except for the blowing of the wind.

The night was overcast and very dark due to the storm. My only light was from the hazards on the truck and a small  flashlight in my mouth. The thick line of woods is about 100 feet away from each side of the road and I was parked along the shoulder on the side of the highway. 

As I began to fill up the coolant reservoir I heard some rustling in the undergrowth about 150 to 200 feet deeper in the woods. I thought nothing of it due to the fact that deer are common even during winter.

But the strangest thing was the rustling was very loud like a lot louder thann animals would usually be. I mean the wind was blowing decently hard, but I could still hear the rustling in the woods.

I was  wondering what could be so loud when I heard a loud crack and a soft thud.  Now this noise really got my attention. It didn't sound like a deer anymore it sounded more like a person stumbling around because humans are very loud usually in the woods and no animal with purposely make a noise to give itself away especially that loud.

Yes there were bears but it wasn't a big concern for me in that area though the concern was the last house that I saw was about 10 miles away and no car has passed me, yet there's some dude walking around the woods in a snowstorm.

cautious of the guy walking around I finished refilling the reservoir, locked the hood down and was entering my truck. Prior to exiting the truck I had the windows down due to this fact I could hear the guy still. Then as soon as the crashing around the forest started it just as quickly stopped.

That put me on edge for I felt the air around me grow thick and heavy even though the winter air was dry. I turn the key to the ignition. A loud beep resounded from the truck dash then therefore allowing me to turn it on.

The truck
roared to life and I started to pull back onto the road to continue driving. As soon as my truck started rolling I heard the crashing started up again but at a loud and quickened pace as it was making a line straight for the truck by the sound of it.

I thought that this guy was dumb or something, but it's still freak me out a little bit so I pushed the truck to go faster. With the hazard light still on I can see to the outer edges of my semi.

was a person running near the rear passenger side of the trailer. The creepy part about it I was traveling at about 15 miles per hour and pushing it still climbing. The guy was fast enough to keep up and he was closing the distance to my cab.

Now with a cold sweat I pushed the truck into a higher gear and the engine roared louder. Pushing 25 mph the guy was almost to the cab when all of the sudden he just disappeared, it seems he was so focused on catching up with the truck he failed to notice and hit the guardrail on the side of the road.  

Though it 
still freaked out I continue traveling down the road ignoring the speed limits until I got to the hotel I was staying. That was just one of the creepiest moments on the road.
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