I woke up yelling, screaming and shaking. My throat was as try as the Sahara Desert as if I’ve been yelling for hours. I could barely move. Even if I could move, I didn’t want to knowing that they could be watching me. Whatever I had just experienced was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me. 

     Before I woke up, I remember laying on my bed looking out the window. It was dark but the moonlight was enough to be able to see quite a distance. I remember seeing a UFO. It rose and was flying away from me. Just as I was going to get up and tell someone what I had seen, I felt rays of blue light all around me accompanied by a strong vibrating noise that almost made my ears burst. I started to levitate and that’s when I knew what was happening. I was being abducted. 

     I woke up soon after. I did not dare open my eyes to see what was in front of me. But I already knew where I was. I could see a very bright room through my eyelids. I was strapped onto a very cold table bed. I couldn’t move. I knew I was naked, which made it worse. I don’t know how I was so calm at first. I was hearing a low vibrating noise all around me. And I felt these cold hands touching me. I could hear them. It was terrifying. They started touching my arms and I tried fighting back but it was useless. They were drilling holes in my arm. Thats when I started screaming. 
    I woke up right then and there. Waking up screaming, not knowing if it was all a dream or not. Knowing how these stories go, they’re always the same thing “It was probably just a bad dream.” Aliens have haunted my dreams for years. Ever since I was smaller I’ve always had dreams of seeing these UFO’s and aliens in my room. It’s as if they were always looking for me. In all my 17 years, I’ve never woken up in this state, ever. I’m not so sure it was a dream this time. It just seemed so real. 

    I checked my arms, neck and the back of my ears. I didn’t have any kind of marks. This calmed me, but you still never know. I just hope that if it was a bad dream, I don’t have it again. If it was a real experience, I prey that they don’t come back for me.

   Thanks for reading my story.
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