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Dear Reader, this is not a true story but I thought you would enjoy it so lets begin...

I can't do this anymore... I really can't it happened all year round last year already and I can't take it.
Oh sorry I do ramble on let me introduce myself my name is Alex, I need someone to help me figure out something because it has been happening for so long and I need to stop it. Let me explain and maybe you can tell me what is happening... so last year 2018 to be exact I was in my Cousins house and I was there for a sleep-over the day I got there I could tell that there was something off, but I didn't want to say anything we started chatting and playing games on his playstation then night time came and a sound that we both thought was my Aunt in the kitchen cooking then we realised how wrong we were. My Cousin went out to the kitchen to see what my Aunt was doing the time he did this was at 9:30 at night I waited for him in the living room and watched t.v while I waited I thought to myself " what the Hell is going on he is taking ages" I looked at the clock again and it read 11:00 it is 11:00 and he still hasn't came back from the kitchen. I heard a scream coming from the kitchen and ran to my Cousin's room to the bunkbed and hid under the covers because the scream did not sound human it sounded like an animal, the door to my Cousin's room opened shortly afterwards I thought it was him so I wait until he says something to remove the covers that I was under but I heard nothing for what felt like hours, then I hear a whisper saying " Don't listen" so I remove the covers and look down to the second bed to see my Cousins mutilated body dead on the bed. I then see the bedroom door close slowly and a person that looked like my Aunt hiding behind it she starts speaking and as she gets closer she gets louder she keeps saying " Don't Listen, Don't Hear, The Voices are here" I have no idea what she means, the following morning I go to greet my parents at the front door of my Cousins house but I am frozen solid at the sight I am greeted with right before I get to the door, My two parents bodies butchered up and a blood bath around the bodies my Aunt appears out of nowhere and says " you listened" I think I just got what is going on guys I don't need help figuring out what's going on I need help from the demon that possessed my Aunt and I need it fast or I will be next to die a horrific death, My Aunt believes in the satanic cult's she is all about that rubbish well now I know it's not rubbish because she loved my father and why wouldn't she they were brother and sister I say were because my Parents are dead and I am stuck in this Hell house my mobile battery is dead and there is no landline but I am writing this in hopes someone finds this in time to help me. If you have found this letter your one of the lucky ones or not because by reading this you would have listened to my every word and you are next to die my life is safe but my soul is not for I am satan and I have manipulated you from the start.
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