I live around the Edmonton, Canada area, & this story takes place 2 years ago.

I was 17 at the time when i first was curious about skinwalkers in the Elk Island National Park area. Knowing the people in my school, I knew this could be a rumor from some drunk teenagers thinking a deer was a skinwalker at night.


But either way me and my friends wanted to see if it was true, to this day i don't know why i let myself get peer pressured into this after my friends called me a chicken. keep in mind i was 17 at the time and somehow being called a chicken got me to go on the most regretful trip of my life.


So we decided before class started that me and for this story we’ll call him Tom, would sneak through a hole in the gate. I walked passed this area, the hole was very small, but enough to get in.


While we were going to sneak in our friends who are 19, had their permit to camp at the local canadian national parks, would help us get in. Now at this camping trip my two friends that were going to help us get in already found a good area where they wanted to set up camp for the night. It was about 2 and a half miles into the dense woods, this followed by a almost invisible path that curved to the right,  believe it or not it was even more dense than the main road that could barely fit an average car. And the only thing telling us it was a actual road was a sign saying, deers ahead.


The whole idea sounded sketchy to me. At the rate we were going we could get to our spot in less than half an hour, because they were speeding through the forest in one of the most bumpy roads I've ever seen. Soon the car broke down right as we got to the side path. This meant we had to walk the rest of the way.


one of the friends tried to pull up his GPS on his phone so we would know where we were going, but his phone didnt turn on i asked, “do you know where we're going?”, and he seemed not to hear me or he ignored me because he whispered to himself, “i swear i charged my phone before i left” we all stopped to look around us. We could feel we were being watched. Then suddenly we heard footsteps around us, the sound of dry sticks being cracked in the silent forest made me afraid for my life. We also couldn't see the thing doing this. Then it all stoped. It seemed like we all thought the same thing, because in the same time we ran back for the car.


As we were running i could hear the thing running again but right behind us. Then i heard Toms voice, “HELP!”  soon i heard his voice again in the far distance, “STOP!” it faded really fast, deeper into the woods.


A sudden urge of courage came over me, i turned around to where i heard the voice of my friend. While running i heard nothing for a while, then i took a break on a log. “HELP!” it was Tom and it wasn't far from me, I ran over to the voice. Soon i was greeted by a large clearing which was illuminated by the moonlight.


I heard Tom again, “STOP!” but this time it sounded gurgley, but it also sounded distorted. I looked all around me but i saw nothing. I knew at this point whatever was trying to get my attention definitely wasn't Tom. Then right behind me i heard, “do you know where we're going?” it was my voice, then it repeated, “do you know where we're going?” but this time it was deep and distorted. somehow i gathered the courage to turn around, i saw the most horrifying thing i have ever seen.


It was a creature on all fours that had a normal right arm, but slightly bent, then the left arm completely bent the opposite of which an arm is supposed to, with its left leg missing a foot but the right leg had a stump with a weird wolf foot.


Its glowing yellow eyes looked into mine, then it stood up. I'm 6 foot 1 and, this thing was overlapping me by about 2 feet, that's when i saw the dark red substance dripping from the jaw of the creature… While we were looking at each other, it opened its mouth and said, “help” its mouth moved like a puppets mouth, the only off thing about the voice was its pitch, it was a little deeper than Toms voice. I was frozen but it said one more thing that gives me goosebumps as of this day writing this, “leave now” it said in a deep voice, carrying the letter w for what felt like a whole minute.


I said nothing, then ran off back towards the direction of the road. when i found the road i saw the car was gone, they must have gotten it out of the mud and started it somehow. this left me having to walk the most horrific walk in my life. But by then all the sounds came back, the crickets and the frogs making their usual noises. This gave comfort. what i saw in that forest, could not be explained and the terror i felt, could not either. After that day i would love to say i moved on,but, with the memory of that thing, and the fact my friend was never found again after that, will never leave me. Just remember if your going to camp or visit Elk Island National Park you’ve already made the biggest mistake in your life, and you are now in the skinwalkers habitat, and you might not be as lucky as i was.



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