Now a disclaimer before I tell you all this story. It actually happened when I was about 9 or maybe 10, and I was half asleep at the time so I’m a bit foggy on the exact details. But could somebody please tell me if similar things happened to them? Because I have no idea why or how this happened. 

So I’m in my room sleeping, and at the time I was a very light sleeper because I was kinda paranoid as a kid. I will also mention beforehand that I was going through a phase where I wanted Peter Pan to take me to Neverland with him (Not because I hated my life or anything, I just wanted to meet him, Tinkerbell, and go to Neverland..also never having to grow up sounded pretty sweet at the time too.) 

Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night and since I had no clock I have no idea what time it was. But I assume it was about 1 AM or midnight. I sat up in bed, and wondered for a second what the heck woke me up. Because usually if I wake up it’s because my subconscious heard an alarming or familiar noise and made me do something about it. 

Then I heard it. Three urgent, deliberate knocks on the window directly across from my bed. 

A little description of my room for reference, and a note that I haven’t changed the arrangement of much of the furniture in my bedroom; even now.  

There are the four walls of my bedroom right? Well if you stand in the doorway and look directly in front of you (entering the bedroom) you see my bookshelf, DVD storage (for all the movies I have stashed in my room) and TV stand; which is basically just a small one-door cabinet with an older flat-screen TV balanced on top. 

To the right of that is the window I’m talking about; which is directly across from my bed and to the right slightly. 

My bed takes up almost all of the back wall of my bedroom, “back” in terms of where the door is. The front wall of my room (The one parallel to the wall my bed is against) faces out to the main deck of my family’s house, which is up off the ground on a brick foundation that makes up the only part of our basement visible from above ground.

This outer wall though, is the one with the window I heard the knocking on. It looks out onto the deck. Usually I keep the blinds closed at night and during the day, for privacy reasons and because I usually get more light through the other window of my bedroom. I’ll get to that one later. 

I got up almost without thinking and moved to the middle of my room; my mind trying to figure out what the noises were and what..or who..was making them. The knock came again when I was directly in the middle of my room and my half-asleep brain thought “Oh! It’s Peter Pan!” 

But the other part of me..the more awake part..was still scared stiff and on high alert mode. So I softly called out “P-Peter Pan?” And waited...pff; like who or whatever was out there could actually hear me. I didn’t even shout. More timidly whispered the name. 

Then, as I waited for a third knock I wondered why Tinkerbell’s light wasn’t shining through my window shade. This shade is solid enough to where you could see light through it; but anything on the other side was simply a silhouette. One of those older-fasioned pull-up shades that functioned on a roller at the top of the window. I know it’s a weird reason for an alarm going off but hey, I was like 9.

Then I realized. 

It wasn’t Peter, and it couldn’t have been my dad. Even though he gets home early in the morning, he wouldn’t knock on my window; because he would know I was supposed to be asleep. 

So I froze on the spot and waited to see if the knocks would keep happening. They didn’t. So after a while (Maybe 2 minutes or so) I gathered my courage and very; VERY slowly I walked to the window. 

Of course by this point I was fully ready to scream should I see anything or anyone outside. But strangely enough; when I pulled back the shade...only my empty deck greeted me. I sat there for about 2 more minutes, and then; confused and shaken, I went back to bed. The safety of being away from the window again, and the warmth of the covers quickly reassured me and I fell back asleep. 

The next morning I of course told my parents about it; like any sane kid who’d just had an encounter with “Peter Pan”.

At the time I had no idea why my mom was so unsettled. Now though, I get it. 

What still scares me today...is what I remember when I think back on the incident. And what it tells me, now that I have more life experience being in that house. 

Because that window..the one I heard knocking on; is one of the only windows close to the house that’s accessible without a ladder, at least on that side of the house. Besides the sliding glass door around the side; which could also be used to get inside from the deck. Usually my family just used it to air the house out during the summer and spring though, because it had a screen as well as a glass door. 

It was of course kept locked at night, and there was a deadbolt on our main door that could only be unlocked from either the inside; or a key which my family kept hidden outside. But, both of those doors had no blinds or curtains on them; unlike the window to my room which almost always did.

So if someone simply wanted to be creepy...or even break in, why not just use the sliding glass door? It’s further away from any of the bedrooms; as it’s all the way on the side of the house. As long as they had been quiet; they could have gotten in without a problem. Even picking the lock on our main inside door wouldn’t have been hard if they were really trying. 

But; one thing that really scares me is this. There was a large wooden flower box directly under my window at the time; it has since been moved to sit beside the main door on our deck. I mean “large” as in the size of a small bench, about that high, and big enough for a teenager to sit in with their legs pulled up to their chest if it was empty of dirt and flowers. But it was there, preventing anyone from walking directly up to my window and simply staring in while leaning against it. 

So I always wondered. Did they simply lean out to reach over the box...or were they unnaturally tall? Now granted whatever knocked could have also been hovering. But the sound...it sounded like an adult or other decently sized person  was purposefully knocking on my window.. as if to get my attention. If whatever it was was even human. 

More background..though a bit late. We live in a semi-rural area, and I have a huge backyard of more than an acre to run around in and explore. There are patches of weeds, and the yard is bordered by a cornfield on the back perimeter, with neighbors on both sides of our property. A road runs along the front of my house, but cars are traveling almost 45 MPH down it at all times, so not a dirt road. 

So what the hell was it? And where did whatever or whoever it was come from? 

That. That is the part that both scares and fascinates me.

I seriously doubt a human would be walking around the countryside at 1 in the morning; knocking on people’s bedroom windows. But also. A human could NOT have been that quiet. 

I know from experience that any decently sized person can make a hell of a lot of noise when coming up the deck steps to get to where our door is. Hell, my dad made noise coming up those steps every night, and I doubt he was trying to be especially loud. The only way to get off the deck in any silent or quiet way would have been to hop over the deck railing, which while not very tall to an adult man or woman much bigger than my parents, would definitely have taken a few seconds to clear completely and be out of sight on the ground. Even then...wouldn't I have at least heard someone or something hitting the ground beside the deck? My windows do of course muffle sound, but maybe i'm overestimating how loud that would be.

Remember that other window I mentioned earlier? Well it’s on the wall directly to the right of the first one, we’ll call that the “Deck Window”. 

We’ll call the one that looks out the side of the house the “Driveway window”. Because it looks out on part of the driveway near our deck. 

And it’s right behind the head of my bed. 

Now, that window is up pretty high. Even now, at 5’3 I would probably need to drop a good foot or so if I jumped out of it. But that’s not what I’m getting at. If the entity, or person, or whatever it was wanted my attention..why not simply use that window? We have small rocks in our driveway, why not toss one at the driveway window to get my attention? 

But no. Whatever made that knocking sound walked right up the steps of my family home, stood inches from our front door, mere FEET from where I was sleeping; and decided to knock. While leaning over a large flower box, and presumably staring at an opaque set of green blinds to see what would happen. 

And then, when I didn’t answer; simply disappeared with NO noise or warning at all. For all it knew I was still walking across my bedroom to get to the window. For all it knew I had gone to get my mom, who was asleep on the second floor.

 What also confuses me is this. Upon realizing there was nobody home; or perhaps that I wasn’t going to answer. Why didn’t it..or they..try to enter the house? Why did they just leave?? 

My brother either didn’t hear the entity if it moved to his window, which was also on ground level; and the only one looking into his bedroom. Or simply hasn’t said anything to me all these years. Which I doubt, he believes in the paranormal as much as I do, and would definitely have told my parents if something upsetting like that had happened.

And from the looks of the living room, the house was completely empty. That and the sliding door on the deck would have shown the house to be dark and empty of people, a perfect candidate for a break-in. 

But no. All these years..What scares me most of all to think about... Is that whatever or whoever was knocking on my window...wanted me. Or perhaps the other members of my family as well. Who knows? After that night it never happened again. I waited, and honestly now still wait in fear some nights...

But I am glad I was smart. I am so very glad that even at a young age, I was able to sense something was wrong and not open the shade, or really even move it, to reveal my presence. 

Because whatever it was...I have a feeling that if it knew I or my family was home....things would have gone very badly.

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