My family's house isn't one of those stereotypical houses that was built in the middle of the woods where there isn't anyone else for miles, but we do have a decently sized forest surrounding our property. We moved here due to my husband having to relocate for work, and while I was a bit uncomfortable with the new location, I have grown attached to the silence and serenity we didn't have living in the city.

We've been living here for close to two years, and in that time, we were incredibly happy. We had a back yard that was big enough for our son to play in and that allowed us to get a dog, I was able to take up my long time desire to learn archery, and my husband loved his job and was making a rather substantial amount of money. Our neighbors were incredibly nice, the local school was excellent and very accommodating, and I found a good job working as a secretarial assistant. For lack of a better word, things were perfect.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

My husband's job is very laborious, and he often comes home worn out from the physical demands. As a family, we understand that he works to provide the best life for us that he can, and we do not complain when he comes home and wants to sit on the porch and drink a few beers. He always makes sure to spend a little bit of time with our son and I before kicking his boots off and heading outside. One night, however, he was different.

I saw his car pull into the driveway, and after a few minutes, he never came inside. I went to the front door and saw him standing on the porch completely motionless, staring across the front yard at the trees. Concerned that he had had a bad day at work, I went out onto the porch and rubbed his shoulders.

Me: "Is everything okay, baby?"
Him: "Do you see it?"

He asked me the question almost immediately after mine, and his voice was cold and almost a whisper. He didn't blink or break his gaze from the trees. I looked out towards the woods and saw nothing but the trees and the darkness of the woodland canopy. Aside from the branches swaying in the evening breeze, there was no movement.

Me: "I don't see anything."

He didn't say anything else to me, and still didn't move. I know my husband very well, and whenever he's upset, he likes to be left alone for a while, so I left his side and went inside. I figured after a little bit, he would rationalize whatever was upsetting him and come inside to talk about it. As I headed back inside, Priscilla, our dog, shoved her way past my legs and ran outside and I escorted our son away from the front door, assuring him that dad would be inside in a minute.

After an hour, he wasn't. I began growing more concerned. I looked through the front window, and saw him still standing in the same position as he was, almost statuesque. Priscilla was running around in front of him, wagging her tail and demanding affection. He didn't even look at her, which was incredibly odd, as he absolutely loved our dog. I went to the refrigerator and got a beer and took it outside.

Me: "Hey honey. Do you want a beer?"
Him: "Do you see it?"

The same question as before, asked in the same almost whisper immediately after I spoke, nearly interrupting me. My skin crawled. We had been together for seven years, and I had never seen him act this way before. I walked over beside him once again and peered into the darkness once more, hoping I would be able to see whatever it was he was so fixated on. Perhaps I had missed it. But just as before, I didn't see anything but the same woodline I had seen every day since we had moved there.

Me: "What are you looking at? I don't see anything."
Him: "Do you see it?"

I got irritated and walked away, setting the beer down on the patio table sitting right outside the front door and went inside. I didn't know if this was some profane joke or whether my husband was legitimately upset, but regardless, his behavior was starting to get on my nerves.

After consoling our son a second time, assuring him dad was okay, I started making dinner. I let my mind wander, trying to forget my husband's very strange and irrational behavior when a high-pitched yelp from outside snapped me back into reality. I remembered Priscilla was still outside with my husband and panic kicked in. I rushed outside to see my husband still standing in the same position he had been, but Priscilla was no longer running around playfully. She had retreated to underneath one of the patio chairs with her tail between her legs and ears pinned down. I went to pet her and she flinched away from me, looking at me with sad and pain-filled eyes. Although I hadn't seen what had happened, my gut assured me that I knew exactly what had happened.

Me: "What the hell did you do to Priscilla!?"

At first, I thought I had gotten through to him. I couldn't see his facial expression as I was shouting at the back of his head while attempting to coax Priscilla out of her hiding spot in order to comfort her. But he stood there, completely motionless, like all the times before. Although this time, he was silent. As my echoing shouts faded, I became fully aware of how quiet it was. There were no sounds at all, not even the wind was making a noise. It was deafening. I couldn't even hear my own heavy breathing or the faint ringing from the depths of your ears when everything is quiet.

Then, without warning...

Him: "Go get my gun."

His demand was like a bombshell. Everything I once feared about having a gun in the house resurfaced. My husband had been pushed to the edge for whatever reason and he was ready to commit some act of violence or aggression. For the first time ever, I was scared of my husband. I feared that he would do something to Priscilla, himself, me, or our son. I quickly shielded Priscilla as if he already had the gun. I looked away, preparing to be the new target of his agression.

But nothing happened. I looked back, and he hadn't moved. He still stood in his spot, staring at the trees. I cautiously rose to my feet and managed to get ahold of Priscilla's collar and started guiding her inside.

Me: "Baby? Please. Is everything okay?"
Him: "Do you see it?"

I got Priscilla inside and she ran off. I slowly backed my way into the house, keeping a watchful eye on my husband. I was terrified. I wanted to get our son and Priscilla into the car and leave, but I was so worried that would push him over the edge. I thought about hiding somewhere where he couldn't find us. I was trembling. I eased the door closed, and just before it shut...

Him: "Go get my gun."

With the door closed, my mind raced faster than anything I'd ever felt, and my heart was beating faster. I didn't know what to do. Everything was scrambled, as if my entire world was crumbling around me. I quickly got our son and Priscilla and ushered them into our bedroom. I quickly shut and locked the door and went to calm our son, who had begun crying. Nothing made sense and the one person I needed more than ever was the root of everything that was wrong.

I called the police. I didn't want harm to come to my husband, but I definitely didn't want harm to come to my family. The dispatcher asked where we were and told us to stay there. She asked where the gun was, and I assured her it was in the bedroom with us. She asked if I could see my husband, and I went to the window that overlooked the front yard to see if I could see him, but before I saw him... I saw it.

The night sky draped it in darkness, but I could slightly make out its figure, and it was big. Much bigger than any animal that should've been in our area. It laid low to the ground, like a predator stalking its prey, although it wasn't moving. Its legs were pulled in tight, ready to maneuver or pounce at a moment's notice. It's tail was long and coiled, laying flat on the ground. The only thing I could distinctly see were its eyes. They were massive and a dark glowing yellow. They were affixed on the sides of its head, spread far apart. They were fixated on the front porch, right where my husband was.

I told the dispatcher to hurry and hung up the phone and quickly grabbed my husband's gun. I barked at our son to hide under the bed before unlocking the door and closing it behind me. I sprinted towards the front door and stopped. I didn't want to startle the creature, so I composed myself and calmly walked outside.

Him: "Do you see it?"
Me: "Yes I do."
Him: "Did you get my gun?"

I calmly handed the weapon over to him.

Me: "What is it?"

I squinted into the darkness to try and get a better look, but all I could see were the two massive yellow orbs.

Him: "I don't know. But it's been moving closer."
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