Before we head to the story, it’s important for you to be able to imagine what my school looks like. It consists of three old buildings, A, B and C, which are connected by this bridge corridor, but let’s just call it the bridge. Then there’s a mini zoo (yeah, for real) and a chapel - that’s because one of the buildings used to be a monastery, before it became a hospital for soldiers in the WW2. I promise you, I do not study at Hogwarts, although my experience has everything to do with the supernatural.

Few years ago, I stayed at school until late evening. No, I do not enjoy being at school that much, but I was one of volunteers who prepare some activities for newcomers at the beggining of school year, so they can get to know their new classmates better.

After afternoon full of games, the kids were ready to go to sleep in the gym and the teachers sent us to take care of the mess that was left behind. The school ground is quite large, so we had to split up, otherwise it would take us forever.

I decided to clean up in the chapel. It was already dark outside and I couldn’t see a thing in those long hallways. As I walked, I turned the lights on in front of me, which meant that I would had to turn them off again on the way back and deal with the darkness behind me. The thought of it made my quite nervous, but I didn’t want to let my imagination freak me out even more. I was already uncomfortable by the complete silence surrounding me, as I was used to see that space crowded by students moving from classroom to another, disccusing whatever was on their mind.

When I got to the chapel, I realized that I have no idea where the light switch is in there. I couldn’t even use a flashlight, because I forgot my phone in a classroom where us volunteers kept our bags. Luckily, the stuff that we left inside earlier was lying on the ground close to the door, so I just quickly collected it and left. I’m not sure what exactly was it anymore, I don’t even remember which game took place there. The occurence that was awaiting me just overshadowed everything what have had happened that day.

And there I was, locking the door of the chapel, turning my back to the empty hallway, when suddenly something started to feel really off. Once again, I justed blamed it on my imagination.

Out of nowhere, the light above me just shut down. I looked around and saw that the more distant lights were still on. I stopped myself from thinking about all the horror movie - like scenarious I could end up in. I simply wanted to get it over with and finally go home. I slowly started to walk by the locked classrooms, trying to stay calm.

After few moments, I reached the light switch that would turn off the light in the part of hallway I just went through. I had no other option but to press it. The light bulbs flickered and in a split second, the space behind me went completely dark. I knew I shouldn’t look over my shoulder, my brain would just make me see things. So I continued to walk.

It went on like this with next light switch I passed by too, except this time, my fearful thoughts became a reality. As soon as the light went out, I heard a loud sound. Sound that I was familiar with, yet it made my blood froze. It was a sound of the door shutting real hard. The next thing I knew, someone was running after me.

Before I even realized what was happening, my instincts kicked in and I started to sprint. The thing is, I still had to shut the lights down. Believe it or not, I started laughting like a maniac as I was hitting the switches I was passing by. Not once I looked back at whatever was trying to get me, leaving the darkness behind, because it would only slow me down.

Finally, I got to the bridge that connects the two buildings. I no longer had to worry about turning off the lights, because they are always on there. The moment I stepped in, everything went silent again. Whoever or whatever was chasing me was now gone, just like that. In disbelief, I walked to the classroom where the others were supposed to be.

I tried to make some sense of the whole situation, maybe one of them was just pranking me. But then I found out that everyone was already inside, eating their snacks and waiting for me.

“Where were you for so long?” one of them asked me.

“Uh, was anyone else in the building B with me?” I ignored the question.

“No, why?” They answered and I believed them. They all seemed way too confused but also, no one looked as if they just run up bunch of stairs and through those darn long hallways.

Also, how would they get to the classroom sooner than I did? The bridge is the only way from building B, where I came from, to building A, so it would be impossible for them to pass me without me seeing them.

I have never found out what actually happened that evening. And I have never ever volunteered again or stayed at school so late. But to this day, I still can’t help but wonder, what would I see back then in the darkness, if I turned around?
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