This first small paragraph is just for you Darkness. The story to narrate starts in the next paragraph. I just thought I would first take a moment to say, thank you for doing amazing work. I love listening to your stories and putting a lot of work sounding professional. I think you should try to narrate audiobooks. It's just a thought. Secondly, I already sent you a story about pizza delivery over a year ago, called two in one night. This story is about an Uber ride I just did about an hour ago. So I decided to get to writing this for you to read while the details are fresh in my mind. Thanks again. Jordan V

I've put up with so many things within my lifetime of jobs. From back-breaking janitor cleaning up massive shows at a stadium to losing a tooth on the last day working for Pizza Hut. I already gave Darkness, a long story about another Pizza hut incident. While giving him enough to make narrate a small novel out of. Today, however, I'm going to explain an Uber experience that just happened to me earlier today.

Living in Wichita, Kansas has been a bit interesting in the last few months. We are technically the biggest city in Kansas since most of Kansas City is in Missouri. That being said, we're still not that big. The population isn't packed in super close together. Things did shut down for a few months. As well as having a lot of people wear masks over their faces. Both Uber and Lyft drivers decided to temporarily quit as well. That being said, I had a plethora of people still needing rides. Being one of the few drivers around, people have been more than grateful for my service. Because of all the generosity, I did put my guard down a bit.

Cue today, it was the first time since the pandemic began, that I had to wait a while to get a ride request for an Uber ride. Bans have been lifted here in the last few weeks. Things seem to be going mostly back to normal. I was driving around for almost an hour until I finally had a ride request. Feeling a bit relieved, I started to head out to a not so glamourous motel on the side of the high way. I pull up to a woman waving me down. She had a pit bull running around her with no collar, no leash. The dog looked, friendly, and I generally love dogs. That being said, I've also seen what a dog can do if they get violent despite what type of breed. On top of that, the woman had a bunch of luggage. Except this wasn't luggage in suitcases. This looked like someone who packed up most of what they owned. Clothes and accessories spilling out of laundry baskets, and trash bags.

Feeling nervous about this, I roll down the window when I see her walk up. Followed behind her almost out of nowhere popped up another woman with a small chihuahua running around. Along with guys that clearly looked like they live something of a gangster lifestyle. I think I counted 4 guys in total. Some with no shirts, while some had gang tattoos showing. One even had a gang symbol on his face. I know the signs of regular tattoos and the ones showing gang initiation. In a quick panic, I tell the woman I' can only take 3 passengers. This is actually true since most drivers in Uber are being asked to keep the front seat open due to Covid restrictions.

The woman looks at me and says, that only her, the other woman, and the small dog is riding. I still needed to open up the back of my Rav 4 that I drive so she can load her stuff. I reluctantly agree, as I get out and open the back. My eyes peeled though because the body language of everyone showed that everyone seems both nervous and in a hurry about something. The woman loading her clothes seemed something of a young 20's person. As she loads up, more guys show up with another woman. I hear a conversation going on, but don't make out many words as it's more of a shouting match with one of the guys, and the new people who showed up. Two guys walk past me as if I was a part of some problem that the main woman caused.

It is around this time that her other friend asked me if she can smoke in the car. She was pale, skinny and I guess around late teens or early 20's. I obviously tell her no, while more loud confusion shouting is heard. Then the other lady was ready to go, basically telling one of her guy friends to put the rest of her junk in his car as mine was already full. As well as take the big dog with him as well. I honestly feel relieved because I didn't want this big dog just to wander and move around in my car as I drive. As I get back into my ride, I notice the guy she tells to get the rest, and her dog just up and disappear.

By now both women want to leave right as quickly as possible. Then they way wanted to leave all the sudden made me more nervous. They were in a hurry before, but now it seemed much more urgent. Not to mention it was then I noticed that no one else was in the parking lot. With as many people running around to just leaving so quickly and quietly put me more in an alert state. Just as I pull the car into reverse, "I hear hold on. The other dog is still out." She quickly gets out and puts the dog in one of the motel rooms. A few minutes later, we're finally good to go, but noticed her guy friend hasn't touched any of her stuff. Still leaving it out in the open.

I start the ride and ask if they're going to another motel that is down the highway which would've been about a 5-minute drive. They said, yes and we pull out on the side of the highway. I'm not even driving 20 seconds when I hear, "Can you go faster? These people are following us and want to hurt us." I look in the mirror, and there seems to be a jeep following us. I don't know if the girls are telling the truth or just possibly paranoid. But I purposely make it seem as if I will pull onto the high way, just for me to pull back into the lane I was in last second. Sure enough, the jeep tries to follow me off the high way, just to yank back onto the lane we once were in. Confirming that I am in fact being followed.

Now I am looking at my Uber GPS, the road, and my rearview mirror thinking what do I do? The ladies in the back were panicking in the back. I knew coming up there was another off-ramp where I could either go onto the main road, onto the high way or down the airport. I didn't want to get people hurt during a high way speed chase trying to lose them. Especially since it was still rush hour traffic. I then remember, there is always a cop on duty by the one terminal of the airport. It was then I headed down south to the airport terminal which was luckily about a mile away.

Luck was on my side as they were only a couple of cars in the double lane street that lead to the airport. I gun the car to 60 mph, but the jeep surpasses that and is on the other lane next to me. I quickly see a woman in the passenger seat yelling at pointing at me. I could only just get a glimpse of the man in the driver seat and couldn't tell if they had people in the back or not. The fanatic woman shouting at me made it clear that they didn't care that I was an Uber driver doing my job. I speed up some more getting ahead of them as we make it to the terminal. No other cars were around thankfully since airport business has been slow here since the outbreak. The only other vehicle around was of course, the police truck that I was looking for. I quickly pulled up beside it and bolted out of my car, as I see the jeep right next to me.

I didn't dare look at the jeep. Afraid they would get out, have a gun, or just ram right into me. I only had to rush a few yards to the truck in front of me until the jeep realized it was a cops jeep. At which they didn't want to take any chances and drove on ahead. This again was rather lucky as I look inside the truck, I soon noticed the officers were not in his truck. Being an Uber driver, I know they usually are as all sorts of chaos can happen when people drop off and pick up at the terminal.

Relieved that the jeep drove off, I turn around to hear a voice. A man with a small dog on a leash yells at me asking if I had a lighter. I don't know what this man was doing here, but I honestly didn't care. I had to much on my mind so I just ignore him and head back to my car as he follows me. He yells the question again, and I just blurt out saying. "Look I don't have money or a lighter. I'm just an Uber doing my job." Which he yells bullshit and some other profanities. I didn't care about him yelling. I just thought, "Fucking really? Do I have to deal with this too?" But I get in my car and drive off.

I don't even get a second to relax though as I think that the jeep might be stopped and waiting for us somewhere near the main exit that leads back to the high way. However, being an Uber driver for 3 and a half years at this point, and very familiar with the airport area. I knew of back roads to take that could easily get me to the destination the ladies want to be dropped off. It was still risky, but I didn't have time to search the area, and knowing calling 911 would just stall things even longer when I'm just so close to this ride just being done with.

I take the chance and use the back roads. Within 4 minutes, I find my self at the motel. It's here that I realized my other mistake. The lady still had a whole bunch of stuff to unload. The motel is also on the side road of the highway, and if the jeep happened to come down this way. They would obviously my car. While I wanted to just dump the ladies pile of personal junk on the driveway, I knew I really shouldn't do that, as she quickly gets in to get a room. It took about 5 minutes for her and her friend to get a room, and grab all her things even though I did help. All this time I'm just slightly worried that jeep finds us.

I do find my self finally able to leave and even have another ride request at this time. I soon leave just to find one of my doors isn't shut right. I dread as I pull over thinking getting this door shut is what is going to get me caught. I should've just left and dealt with it late. I quickly get out and slam all the doors shut not knowing which one is the culprit. Yet it seems that I was safe as I make my way onto the next trip.

I had a couple of rides that made me go throughout to the east side of Wichita, all the while making sure that jeep didn't find me. After a while knowing I'm safe, I called it quits. As I said earlier, I put up with so many crazy and dangerous things in the past. But having crazy people trying to chase you down, not knowing what they're capable of still racked my nerves. The worst part is, I made only $6 and some change for that ride.
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