These experiences happened when I was around 19. I moved into a room in a large house, which was in the finished basement. Before I moved in, there were 3 others living in the house. They told me the place was also occupied by a little ghost girl.

"Stephanie's" room was the main hot spot for this ghost. She was rarely home though so she never experienced much. "Mike" who's a pretty solid, tough, southern guy, whose accent reminded me of Mathew McConaughey, told me he sees the girl in Stephanie's room often. And sometimes while he's sleeping, he'd wake up to someone tickling his feet until he tells her firmly to knock it off. So it seemed as though she was a harmless ghost. 

One night a few friends and I were heading up to "Jay's" room.  To get there you go up a flight of stairs off the kitchen, down the hall passing Stephanie's and Mike's rooms, then pass the second staircase that leads back downstairs to the front door. At the end of the hall is another staircase that goes to the 3rd floor to Jay's room. 

While we were passing the second staircase, in the corner of my eye, I see a little white silhouette of the girl, just standing there watching us go by. I pretend not to even notice her and kept my eyes straight until we went up to the third floor to Jay's room. Once there I told the other 3 what I saw. One of them said he saw the same thing, and he's a nonbeliever. That was my first experience. Sometimes when I left the house I could see her shadow in the window.

One night, I was home alone, in my room watching tv or on my computer. Then I got this really heavy, dreadful feeling that I was being watched and she was in the room somewhere with me. I honestly started to get very uncomfortable and frightened to the point where I almost left, but felt like I shouldn't. This ghost did not like me for some reason. 

My last experience in the house before I moved into my own place, I was sleeping in my room when I started hearing a very loud hum. Almost like vibrations all around me. My boyfriend at the time was still asleep next to me, so I knew only I could hear it. Then I felt my whole body had some type of pressure, I couldn't move a single muscle. I woke up the next morning not quite sure if it was real or a dream ( I was watching a Tv show, Ancient Aliens, before bed). Could it have been the ghost? I still wonder years later but I never experienced anything like it again. 
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Catholic origami
Often ghosts oppose things that are new. I have found that often they feel replaced by a living person and therefore dislike these people. 
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