Lala G.
You know memories from your childhood that you never forget. Such as playing with friends, toys, going to certain places, etc. This experience comes to me as vividly as a positive nostalgic childhood memory. 

This had to be one of the most terrifying experiences I had as a child. It happened very quickly and had no climax, but it was very startling to my 5 year old mind. I am not sure if this was a vividly frightening dream which I remembered, but it felt very real. My house as a child was not out of the ordinary and did not display any signs of paranormal activity from what I can recall. 

It was a normal night and I was in my room playing by myself while my parents were downstairs cooking dinner. I remember suddenly feeling the air going still and having the urge to turn around. Out of curiosity I did turn around and as you can guess, what I saw left me speechless. 

Standing in the middle of my doorway was a little girl which appeared to be my age and height. Her eyes were big and doll like. The best comparison I have is her eyes looked like the eyes of the corpse bride in the movie 'The Corpse Bride'. She was all white, from head to toe (including her hair) with cracked skin. Her hair looked matted and stringy. She had a very pointed chin and a sad aura surrounding her. She also appeared to be dressed in a long old fashioned night gown.

This happened over the course of a few seconds, but I have carried on that image throughout my whole life. The little girl just stood and started in the doorway. I did not feel threatened, but none the less I was still terrified. It was just a random sight to my mind, I remember wondering if what I was seeing was real. I remember thinking if the girl wanted to play.

After a few seconds of staring at each other, I blinked and she was gone. It took me a long minute to finally move and react. I screamed a minute after all of this happened. In the end, my parents did not believe me. Everytime I thought of this experience, I always remembered it in the same gut wrenching emotion of fear.

I truly have wondered if this was real and my mind was tricking me into thinking it was a false vivid memory I made up, or if it was a realistic dream. To some this may sound like a badly made up story, but this is an actual memory I carry on from my childhood. What truly disturbs me is if it was real, how could my 5 year old mind conjure up such images. This was the only time in my life, even after the events, that I had seen something which paralyzed me in fear.

All I remember is having an urge to turn around. Once I did, I felt bad for making her go away because I really thought she wanted to play. As a 5 year old, I felt this was a serious matter which was new because at that age, everything is so care free. I remember feeling sad for the girl, but my fear was stronger because I had never seen something like that. 

Currently, I look back on that memory in fear because even now I can not explain to myself what I saw, how I saw it, and why I saw it. I just assumed she wanted to play.

My intent in writing this was just to share it and see how my experience would translate into writing. I just hope I am not the only one who saw an image similar to what I described.
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Great story. Can I offer just a little tip on structure. This story reads really well, but I feel it loses impact, when you try very hard to explain how you felt, why you felt that way after what should be the climax of the story. 
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