This occurrence happened from June 30th to yesterday on July 1st 2017. The crazy thing about it though, is that I was watching a Darkness prevails YouTube video about a VERY similar experience before it happened.
Honestly, I don't belong to any religion but I tend to do a few prayers every night before I go to bed just because it helps me feel safer, due to past events in my life. Two nights ago, I had just finished my daily prayer routine and kicked back to some DarknessPrevails vids on YouTube. I had finished watching a top 5 vid and saw a video titled, "PewDiePie's REAL ghost story" which caught my attention. The video was cool as usual, and the skeleton pewd saw in front of his bed touching his face was crazy. I didn't think too much about it though since to me, seeing a skeleton standing around me that wasn't mere 'decoration' sounded improbable, or at the very least it felt like someone else's problem. After watching that one last video I went ahead and let some ocean music play throughout my room and soundly drifted asleep...but THAT'S when it began.
At first, I had a nightmare about my mother and friend who I'll call janet, dying due to some...creepy black monster who we were trying to run away from and at the same time fight off. I vividly recall the skies being a reddish grey & orange tint...kinda like tonight actually.
Then everything shifted towards a second dream where my grandmother who is still alive, was found dead in her house. I remember feeling deep regret and sorrow since we recently haven't talked in a while. Finally in the last nightmare I dreamt of my dog being dead, whom I love dearly, and with all of the death around me I started wanting to kill myself for some reason. I remember feeling at peace towards the idea and although I told myself I had to keep living and that dying was stupid, I felt like there was no point to it anymore. The whole experience at that point felt hazy and suffocating, like the air was very dense and hard to inhale.

Immediately after I saw a scene which had my dog and other dead dogs racing each other. For some reason I was in a peaceful area with all of the people I know who died in the other 3 dreams. This is where I began telling myself to wake up and finally, after what seemed like forever, I felt something heavy lifting off of me and I woke up...only to see the skeletal remains of a little girl with curly hair and a square jaw line, staring at me over my bed, with her head tilted and donning a wide crazy grin. She was one of the creepiest things I have ever seen to date and she instantly vanished once I fully got up from my bed.
Those previous nightmares felt SO REAL and the despair I felt during them carried over when I awoke, as it felt like tears we're surfacing above my cheeks. But after being frightened by the sight of that skeleton girl, I felt a sense of complete relief waft over me as I realized all of those deaths hadn't actually happened. However...the fact that I encountered that skeleton girl with the curly hair was still VERY MUCH real.
The fact that I had such a death-bringing encounter on the night of June 30th, the very last day of June, which happens to be the same month my other grandmother died on just 11 days ago, and 5 days ago marked my big bro's 25th anniversary of the day he passed on. To have such a bone-chilling warning on the last day of such a...death-filled month for me feels like some very awful omen and I hope, it doesn't relate towards things to come or even deaths that have already come to pass.
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