Im a 15 year old male and here's my story It was a regular old day for young me I was playing with my sister on the stairs playing ice cream truck there these tiny gaps under each step where we pretend to give out ice cream to people and to the left of us was a laundry room but we didn't use it that much so we turned it into a closet my mom was up stairs vacuuming the floor and my dad was working we just move into this new big house not so long before this happened this was when I didn't knew how to speak English so Spanish was my main language this means this event happened before the age of 5 and my sister is a year and a half younger than me when we were playing we noticed the closet door to the left of us opening at first I thought it was the wind then a hand under a blue towel showed up from the corner of the door and started speaking to us and everytime it spoked it would do a hand gesture like putting your hand under a puppet and act like it's talking it was speaking Spanish but for some reason I don't remember what it said but his voice was deep and echoed when it talked the only thing I remember was him saying was you will come with me to hell and his evil demonic laugh (hahaha in a deep echoing voice) at first I thought this was a prank because my dad friends was renting a room from my dad because he didn't had a place to stay and he usually played jokes on us and tell us funny stories so young me thought it was him and left sister alone and went to tell my mom and told her that he was down stairs and she said she will be down stairs in a moment and then I returned to the hand talking to my sister and told the hand my mom was coming and said my dad's friend name to show that I knew it was a joke then he laughed and went back into the closet with the door shutting by it self thinking now I guess he was scared of my mom because she was a devoted Christian and we were a Christian family then later my mom and sister had forgotten about it and I was the only one who remembered what happened that day but that wasn't the only event that happened to us but my niece too experienced things in that house as well but me and my mom and sister eventually moved out because my mom and dad got a divorce then years past and one day I visited my dad and realised that he was selling the house and move into the closet where I saw the hand in and was uncomfortable for a while and later I faced reality and didn't care anymore and accepted that the thing was gone for good and it wasn't going to bother us anymore.
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