Nearly a year ago I adopted a cat who has a small deformity. His right pupil is shaped oddly, and the day after I brought him home from the shelter, I took him in to get checked out. I wanted to make sure my new buddy didn't need any medications or special treatment.

It turns out he likely had an eye infection as a kitten. It fused the inner part of his iris to the outer ring. Forming a perfect triangle in his eye. So, I named him Illuminati.

He's an odd cat to say the least. Love belly rubs, plays fetch, and never tires of cuddles or attention. I'd say he was probably raised by dogs if I didn't know better, or if he weren't affraid of dogs even half his size. Either way, he's a happy, mostly carefree pet. The only trouble he ever seems to get into is chewing up my hair ties if I leave them lying about.

A  few days after I got him, him was staring at the ceiling. Which isn't unusual for a cat, my other cat does this too. But then I thought about what the vet said, that he likely won't be able to see well. This is obvious in his lack of being able to land on his feet or how he misjudges his jumps, either onto furniture or off. I shriged this off, and did for a while.

Well, one day, he would not stop mewing, loud, caterwauling of mewing, rather annoying, too. So, before I yell at him to stop, I observe what he is doing. Hes climbing a cat barrel, meowing once he was at the top, before jumping awkwardly down. Then he takes a few steps and jumped onto my rolling office chair. He meows again before hopping to the floor. He walks to a book shelf, his front paws on the bottom shelf before shouting again. Rinse wash repeat. He's traveling in an oblong circle, trying to get up as high as he can without going where he isn't allowed.
And I think to myself, 'The hell are you doing little boy? You're acting like a hound who has treed a coon.' And this thought alone gave me the idea to look up, and sure enough, there is a great big house fly on the ceiling.

This is very important, because I know he can see some things, mostly color, or differences in colors. When I have candles lit, he isn't bothered. I have plenty of them going at all time, so I know when he can or can't tell when something is there or not. And, I've been sensitive to activity my whole life. My mother even swears I'm a reincarnation of someone she used to go ghost hunting with years ago, the one who would do most of the communications for their group.

And, since this fly on the ceiling moment happened, Illuminati has done this no less than five times. And for the first few times, It made me laugh, thinking about those commics with the lazer ppinters and cats refering to the dots as demons.  But just like my thought of the treed coon, this one seemed to make me paranoid. Dropping some of my defenses, I usually keep my guard up at all times to ward other spirits and entities away, that I do not want to make contact. But whenever Illumie shouts and circles, I have gotten into habit of looking for a bug or strange shadiw. Even a reflection off of a phone screen, anything, to make sure I don't have to drop my defenses to check for energy around me.

And yet, every time I do,  just enough to test the waters, I usually feel the tightness in my throat and pressure around my belly. Tell tale signs that, although I only see my pet cats, my cats can see more than just me.

If it happens again, I plan on salting the window sills and doorway. Saging my room, and anything else I need to do to keep them out. Because I can tell them they are not welcome all I want, but just like a teenager faced with a 'do not enter' or 'no tresspassing sign' I know, a demon will press my buttons. It's better not to provoke them, as so many stories out there have taught me. We should really learn to learn from other story tellers mistakes, after all.  JPEG_20200612_182613.jpg 
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Darkness Prevails
@MaeRin Thanks for your stories! When I featured one of your stories in a recent video, folks loved it 🙂
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Thank you so much, @Darkness Prevails I enjoy sharing my experiences with others, and hope that it may urge others to share as well. I'm currently working on your podcast, starting from the first episode, and it's inspired me to write more often, so, thanks again!
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