I lived in my childhood home in Las Vegas, Nevada from 1998-2013.  My family moved  in when I was five and we left when I was 19.  So I spent a solid portion of my life in that home and I still have regular nightmares that take place there as if the demons who taunted me will never let me be even in my dreams. 

So so we lived in a big home 1970’s style our home had begun its bad juju right off the bat when a construction worker died while digging the in ground pool apparently falling into the 8 foot pit while holding his pick axe he died within minutes of falling.  Plus our hastily built and shakily built home was being financed my the mob at the time of construction my home was on the outskirts of town nothing but desert and dirt roads perfect spot for shady business deals or a shallow grave dug underneath the homes foundation.  We actually ended up finding a fairly big gallon sized mason jar filled to the brim of gold watches, pendants, necklaces, rings, even golden teeth in the crawl space under the stairway when we moved in.  So enough of the history onto the experiences my family and friends regularly encountered.

We had at least 4 entities in this home two of which were demonic.  Normal everyday/night occurrences included footsteps, flickering lights, knocks, heavy breathing/talking, objects being moved and manipulated.  You could also physically feel the evil in certain spots of the home.  At night I had to let out my last set of dogs (we had 8) a Doberman pincher and a pitbull that lived in our living room. Well they had French doors with two locks on the knob and a deadbolt type of lock on the bottom of the doorway.  Every night my last chore I’d let them out feed and water and begin to lock up as soon as the deadbolt slid into the latch I could feel something literally hanging on my back (I am getting chills just remembering the feeling) it was heavy, evil, and sinister.  This happened every night I lived there for 9 years straight never failed for that thing to torment me I would slide my back on the sliding doorway frame to try and get this thing off my back.  

There was also the kitchen disturbances cabinets open 13 of them completely ajar.  Things clattered and banged but one day we heard a huge crash followed by our cats and dogs running for dear life away from some unseen force. When we went to check we stood and stepped on glass this was 25ft away around two corners glass had somehow ended up from our kitchen thru the hallway and into our den.  They had thrown two huge glass pans meant for baking these were old and VERY sturdy even if thrown with full force at the floor it should have only broken into two or three big pieces but these were shattered into millions so much so we still found glass shards here and there years later. 

One night i fell fell asleep in my fathers hospital bed in the den my dad was asleep in his room and my mom was asleep in hers.  I was dreaming until I started to hear something in my ear while still in a semi sleep state it kept getting louder and louder I knew something was wrong and was woken up already fearful of what was happening in real waking life.  I awoke and my eyes shot open I noticed no animals were around which was strange since we had 20 cats and 8 dogs which some of not  most always slept with you or nearby.  Within seconds I was bombarded by the deepest growl I have ever heard on this earth I will never forget it, nothing can come close to the bass it produced and the evil within being directed straight into my right ear I could feel hot breath on my ear I sat paralyzed for two minutes it stopped for thirty seconds before I got the courage to jump up and run to my dads room and sleep with him I was so terrified I was 16 at the time but refused to be alone.  
The dogs and cats sensed the entity as well you don’t know real fear until you walk up the stairs to see three dogs and six cats staring at the ceiling their heads slowly following some invisible thing back and forth in the dark corner of the upstairs hallway the dogs are growling the cats hissed suddenly they run like hell tails puffed, hackles raised and run full speed away and hide under tables and beds I felt an ice cold breeze flow by me as it was happening.  

I could be here err all day writing what went on in that home it also just wasn’t the haunting element but the actual house was under some curse or bad voodoo itself, whatever could go wrong went wrong water leaking from ceilings and floors out of electrical sockets floors in some areas feels like soil liquefaction where it just bubbles and melds with your weight lightning striking right next to our home dozens of times where we had burn marks right outside of our kitchen doors the house began to literally sink into the earth inches per year we would joke and say they didn’t lay foundation right because of the dead bodies buried underneath our home. Oh yeah I wasn’t the only one to see them and feel them at a sleepover with my boyfriend and friend we were in a big queen bed scared of the house we huddled together when we heard a cat yowling from the dark hallway not a few seconds after a shoe came hurdling from the darkness and hit the back wall behind us with a loud thud.  Plus leaving another friend asleep on the downstairs couch at around 3am I went to bed upstairs since there wasn’t enough room for both of us,  I came back down at 7:30 he was still wide awake and pale as a ghost he watched some faceless dark thing floating from the kitchen and follow me up the stairs and into my moms room.  They still bother me in my dreams and I will never forget the fear they gave me and still give me to this day. 
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