Given that it’s been a few years now it’s difficult to remember all of the details. Granted, I still remember quite a lot and will never forget to this day... It was my junior/senior year of college in north Louisiana. I was living with my girlfriend across from the local 150+ year old cemetery (not that it really plays a factor; at least as far as I know). I was struggling with being burnt out with school and borderline alcoholism (the latter still persists but has decreased significantly since). I had decided that I was going to be involved with the church again for the first time since I was a kid. My girlfriend somewhat respected my decision but still would joke that I was taking it too seriously. A few months passed and she began to become curious about my newfound faith (mostly how she left the church and thought all conventional religious thought stupid). She began discussing with me my thoughts on her “trying out” other religions and such and I told her it was no big deal as she is entitled to her own choice in my opinion. All continued on as normal, well, as normal as it can be with me being ostracized to the couch or the other bedroom due to my alcohol induced snoring/nightly reading my bible (like I said I drank a lot back then). One evening I was close to being off work and she called me during a break freaking out. I asked what was wrong and she told me that she had practiced a meditation ritual she found online to “open her third eye to the spirit world” and even though she never really expected anything to happen, something actually answered. So a couple hours pass and I get home to her having dinner ready and she and the dog are both waiting to eat on the porch (not inside the house as was normal which is already raising red flags to me). I greet her and she carries on conversation like normal however I notice our dog is just staring at the corner of the porch instead of begging for food like he usually did. I also noticed she would keep glancing in that direction as well for no apparent reason. I finally asked her in a tone that conveyed my disdain for her call earlier that evening “so what did you do that I told you was a bad idea?”. She told me about her meditation and how nothing worked the first 2 tries but on the third try, she heard a voice. She said she immediately freaked out and went to go cook dinner. As she was cooking she felt as though Somebody was in the room with her and turned around to see a shadow in the middle of the room stretching from the floor almost to the ceiling. She left with the dog and drove a few laps around the block before she felt like returning. All was “normal” now aside from the fact she (and our dog apparently) could see the figure near us as we ate. She continued to tell me “he” was a teenager that had lived there previously and had passed in a car accident. I was already very upset at the fact something had frightened her and it really drove the feeling of anger home that my dog also seemed to be afraid. I asked her if the boy said anything else and her response was “he’s been here for a long time and has tried to talk to you. He says your taste in tv is great”. That statement sent a chill down my spine as I would usually be up well past the time she would go to bed watching tv alone and late at night I would always watch shows about hauntings or possessions... the comment caused me to instantly feel extremely uncomfortable and snap saying well tell “him” that I said he’s not a person nor was he ever a person. “It’s pretending in order to gain some kind of trust!” is one thing I remember saying. I also followed up with “Well tell IT I don’t want it in my home and IT’s not welcome here!”. She paused for a moment and I noticed she and the dog looked towards the exact same spot (now closer to me than the corner) and she said “he’s not happy now. He says you’ll come around though and be able to talk to him”. She continued with “he seems nice! He loves playing with dog and keeping him company!”. That was another statement that chilled me to the bone since I’ve come home early from class or work to find the dog out of his crate with no explanation or anything as to how he not only got out but also how he could’ve opened a door to get out of the bedroom while we were gone... long story short, this type of stuff kept happening with my gf waking up with bruises/scratches (myself included). We both had horrible nightmares. I routinely had sleep paralysis almost every night for 2-3 months! The house seemed colder than normal even though we had terrible A/C in the summer. It came to the point where both of us would argue and feel instantly angry/depressed as soon as we would just WALK INSIDE! One day my gf was gone to work and I decided I was going to skip class and just drink away the overwhelming sadness and fear I was feeling in my own home... so there I sat on the porch with the dog drinking vodka when I decided that I’d had enough with not feeling safe in my own home. I remembered what my family had always taught me growing up (coming from several grandfathers being pastors) and I decided I was going to attempt a somewhat tipsy exorcism. Up until this point I know this sounds like the worst idea ever... BUT there I go. I blessed water in a red solo cup, prayed, and decided I was going back into that house even though I didn’t want to in the slightest. My dog began growling/whimpering as soon as I opened the door so I told him to stay there (I haven’t mentioned this before but he was a 110 pound Great Pyrenees so a very protective and MASSIVE dog but this dog was TERRIFIED to go into the house at this moment! He also hadn’t gone into one room in particular to even get a toy or anything in months). I walked in and instantly felt as though 200 pounds was pushing down on my chest. I felt as though there was no hope for anything good to ever happen in the world. I felt as though somebody or something was angry and absolutely HATED me and wanted to hurt me. It seemed as though there was an actually visible fog coating the entire house but it wasn’t actually there. I began performing the exorcism and blessing each room and doorway with my self-made holy water beginning with the front living room and making my way to the very back bedroom. As I got further back the sense of dread grew stronger and stronger. I kept going even though random things began moving/falling off shelves or tables. By the time I got to the very back room where the “meditation” happened (AKA ground zero) I was shivering from the cold I felt. It was over 100 degrees outside and we had the worst A/C ever and yet I can see my breath! I’m now a Marine and been deployed and NEVER in my entire life have I felt the fear I felt that day! I walked into that room, blessed it, heard the last rattle of furniture/whatever else was in there, and INSTANTLY it didn’t feel cold anymore... it felt like the weight was finally lifted off my chest/shoulders/whatever. For the first time in months my home felt happy and not depressing/oppressing. I couldn’t believe I actually pulled it off! As a test I opened the door and my dog came running in excited as ever and not a care in the world. My gf came home from work a couple hours later and asked what did I do different upon stepping into the house. She said “it just feels so much better in here!”. To this day (now 4 1/2-5 years later) I still can’t believe I followed through with that half drunk plan to square up with some kind of demonic entity and actually come out on top. I’ll admit this story sounds strange (especially in text without a person telling it) but it 100% happened to me.
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