In 2013 somewhere in Washington me and my family decided to go to family friends house around 5 in the evening and then find Mom and Dad decided to go to the bar with their friends and they left me and my sister let's call her Shelly to watch the younger kids not around 9 p.m. everyone was asleep my parents and their friends were still at the bar watching TV and all the sudden from the basement I hear a golf ball bouncing and I thought nothing of it kept watching TV a few minutes later I saw the golf ball bouncing from the kitchen into the dining room and then the living room with us and I was the only one awake at the time everyone else was asleep here in the living room right next to me and still thought nothing of it just kept watching TV and fell asleep around 10 and run 2 I get woken up to a demonic growling noise right next to my head and they had no dogs no nothing I never been to the house has since
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