By Ronald Coyote

Now I know this may sound strange but I swear I saw something out there.I live outside of Yellowstone national park so my backyard is basically a wilderness.I was out with my older cousin one day after my high school graduation party and she was walking me home.It was getting dark out but I didn't really care I always loved the forest at night despite the animals that lived in it,it always Calmed me to here Crickets chirping,frogs croaking and Wolves howling.however that day would change my life for ever.

As we we're walking home we kept hearing small things begin to crack like tweaks, we thought it would be either a deer or mountain lion maybe even a wolf so we're walking home we kept hearing small things begin to crack like tweaks, we thought it would be either a deer or mountain lion maybe even a wold so kept on walking but still kept an eye out just to me safe.

Before we reached our house my cat named Cheetah came running out of the bushes his fur bristling with fear and jumped in my arms,we thought I haven't counted a large predator and ran to safety,so we shrugged it off, but Cheetah was a large and tough cat and had faced other larger predators before and was always fearless now to him this scared I had a feeling that this was no ordinary predatory animal,now within a few minutes and we started hearing low growling and it didn't sound familiar to any of the animals native to the area. It's somewhat reminded me of the big cat since I am an expert on all kinds of Wild cats,however I knew this couldn't be possible.

Eight minutes later we still hear the growling and finally reach our house my cousin a finally reach her house my cousin's neck Hurted from constanly looking over her shoulder.

After saying goodbye Cheetah and I walked home with in ten minutesfrom my house the growling return before I was within less then 10 yards of my house I heard the growling and get even louder,then I turned my head to see what was making that noise. Now this is something I have never seen before,at first I thought it was a large bear, but then I realize it has a very long tail,huge rounded ears,a Lean narrow and a large cat like head and muzzle.

At this point I I knew it wasn't a bear,and then another thought came into my head that I didn't even think would come to mind ,Leopard.This beast looked actually like a leopard which pitch black fur which is a common mutation in the spotted big cat world,but there was no way this was a leopard not only were we were thousands of miles away from the nearest leopard inhabited continents,or miles from the nearest zoo but this cat is probably as big as a car and add one thing that no other cat in the world possesses ,Huge glowing Demonic glowing Red eyes.After what seemed like 2 minutes the Panther moved closer and I started to walk backwards slowly keep enough distance between me and big cat and to make sure that it wouldn't charge first.

My cat was long gone already standing on the porch,then the cat let out this very loud god awful roar and I did the stupidest thing to ever do during the big cat attack ,I ran,this was usually a terrible idea because despite most big cats went up to hundred or more pounds then humans they are much faster,and as I was running I was saying in my head "I must be out of my Fucking mind"

Within over a minute I hear paws hitting dirt I was so close to my house when turned and saw the big cat charging at me claws and teeth bearing,roaring and snarling as if I was I helpless deer or antelope and then it jumped at me,luckily I reached the door in time and me and my cat both ran in then I shut and locked the door,then the ravenous feline started clawing and biting at the door.It literally felt like this beast wanted me dead as it's going sounded like it was ripping chunks of wood off the door.

And the growling became more intense even though this was a very thick door I feared it would back soon.after what 10 minutes the sound stopped,and I opened the door and awaited my fate it was a stupid decision but I can see through the windows since they weren't any in the living room.

When I opened door I just noticed the deadly beast was gone like the wind without leaving a trace of sound,I thought it was my imagination but after seeing the damage on my door I realized that this was not my imagination playing tricks on me.

The next day I Went out still I could find trace of that mysterious the leopard like creature.after what seemed like 2 hours I had found Unusually Large paw prints on the ground where I first spotted it.I haven't told anyone about this since I've been till now.

After that experience I will never walk in the woods again,for you never know what creatures could be lurking out there and see you as their next meal.
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