I'm in college now but the story I'm about to tell happened in the neighborhood that I grew up in.

I have always experienced weird paranormal stuff for as long as I could remember. When I was seven I moved from St. Louis to northern Illinois. I kept experiencing really weird things that were related to the paranormal. I would see people who would vanish without a trace, hear conversations going on in my house when no one else was home, hear people call my name only find out that no one in my family had called me, I have been scratched more times than I can count and I was attacked by something in my family room once, but this isn't about that. I wasn't the only one who experienced these events, I have a twin who also has these things happen to her.

When you grow up with all of this happening to you, you tend to become used to it and it takes a lot for me and my sister to be surprised by something. I believed in ghosts, angels, and demons. I was raised Catholic and I still practice my religion today, I find that my faith in God helps protect me from the darker things that I have come in contact with. Through out the years I have done my fair share of research to try and understand all things happening to me because me and my sister had no one else to talk to about it. I came across a story about hell-hounds once but I didn't take it seriously because I just thought that they were myths. You would think a girl who grew up having creepy things happen to her all the time would take hell-hound accounts more seriously, but I was young when I first learned about them so I didn't bother to. At the time I was in the 8th grade and I still didn't have a great understanding about the spiritual and paranormal world. Even with all my experiences I didn't want to provoke things and allow entities to enter my life so I played it safe. I shouldn't have though, one rule I have come to learn is that not believing is to disarm yourself.

Anyway, I was in the 8th grade. In my neighborhood there was a bike path that went through a prairie like area that connected my neighborhood to an other. In between the two there was a park that kids could ride their bikes to. That being said there wasn't a whole lot to do in my town, so teenagers and young adults also frequented the park during the late hours of the night. The park really wasn't kid friendly. My friends had found used condoms, a human turd, and a ton of graffiti there. But none the less we didn't care because there was no where else to go.

One day I was meeting up with a friend who lived in the other neighborhood connected to the park. We were working on a project together for science class. We were going to meet each other at the park and then walk to his house. I got there early and I had to wait for him. I had my cellphone with me and told him I was there and he said he was running late and would be there in about 15 minutes. I didn't really care so I just sat on the swing set and waited. While I was sitting on the swing set I was looking at the entrance to the park that came from his neighborhood to see if he was coming or not. When I did I saw something that I never thought possible. I saw what looked like a huge black dog run across the street. It was more like a dark shadow that you couldn't see through that just looked like a huge dog, it never even touched the ground, it was like it was running on air. It ran behind a tree and never came out the other side, it just disappeared. I was freaked out but I didn't know how to react. I just stay as still as possible. I texted my friend to see if he was close and thank the lord, as I sent the text I saw him coming down the street. I pushed what I had seen to the back of my mind and tried to forget about, and I did until tonight.

I am now a sophomore in college. Me and my sister go to the same school and we hang out a lot. Well today we went to the gym and decided to just relax in the common room of our dorm for a little afterwards. Our dorm is haunted and me and her were sharing stories of things that have happened recently, none of it too interesting, just a door opening by itself, things moving on their own, and strange noises. I started to talk about how the paranormal activity is worse back home and she agreed. That's when I remembered what I had seen that day in the park. I told her about and she got quiet. She told me that when she was in the 7th or 8th grade, she couldn't remember, she had a dream or really a vision. She saw the park and baseball fields that lay in between the two neighborhoods. She saw what she thought was a pack of coyotes at first but then she got a better look. It was a pack of these dark shadowy masses that looked like huge dogs and they had red eyes. They were running around everywhere and they were hunting and killing every animal they could get to. She also told me that at around the same time, she had another weird experience.

She had been hanging out with our best friend and another boy that lived about halfway up our street. They were at our friends house and they were playing in the backyard. My friend's backyard backs up to the baseball fields and park, the two spaces are only separated by a line of dense pushes and trees but if you were persistent and you kept and eye out for thorns and poison ivy, you could cut through there to get to the park.

Anyway, they had been playing outside, just goofing of when they heard something BIG in the tree line. It made them all freeze. They looked over and saw a large black shape move behind a large bush. Their first thought was a coyote, but they don't usually get that close to people, especially during the day. The next thing they thought was that it was someone from the park cutting through the trees and was trying to scare them, it has happened before. Our friend yelled out, "Who are you? What the fuck are you doing? Leave us alone!" But what ever was in the bush kept making noise and it started to growl. At this point the other kid that had been over there had turned and ran home, scared out of his mind. My friend being the dumb as he was had had enough and did the one thing he thought would scare what ever had been in the bush off. He went over and kicked the bush, but there was nothing there. He was kind of freaked out but he didn't show it. He and my sister spent the rest of the day indoors. They didn't know how to explain what had happened, that is until today.

Me and my sister know that what I saw, what she saw, and what she dreamed can't be a coincidence. I don't really know what kind of creature I saw. Was it a hell-hound, was it some type of demon dog, or something else. I really just want to know. I have been able to find explanations for most of my other experiences and I don't like not knowing what kind of creature is stalking the grounds just beyond my street. If anyone has any idea of what they are please let me know.
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