Hi! I have been listening to your channel for quite some time now while at work sitting an my desk while working 7 hours a day. I have finally decided to submit my horrible past experience.

My name is Tim. I was born and raised in Minnesota my entire life. To be more specific I lived in the Battle Creek area of Saint Paul known for beautiful trails and some years open for special archery hunters depending on the population of game available.

Anyways Battle Creek is where Native Americans and the settlers fought. So it's pretty much a graveyard.

I am 21 now and I was 18 when my experience happened. It begins in the middle of the summer after high school graduation. I would also like to add that my experience, I believe, had to have to do with my religious beliefs of Christianity. I believe it played a role with what happened to me. After high school I was baptized and I believed that this was a test of faith.

I always take my tiny Pekingese out for conditioning. My dog and I have been on these trails for a little over 2 yrs together but 10 years for me. We will go on these trails almost everyday. Sometimes 6 days a week, any time of the day, sun rise to sun set.

One day after a long walk we headed back home. That night after letting my dog (Snow) outside for her last bathroom break I went out to lock my pigeon coop and bring in the dog. She ran inside ahead like always. While proceeding towards my house I felt the atmosphere just changed suddenly. The wind was wild you can hear the tree bristles. My neighbor's husky that was always outside looked as if she ran for her life to the back door to get inside while looking at me.

I, being myself, not easily frightened, was a bit spooked and keep up my walking pace all the way back inside.

After my shower and after reading my Bible, I hit the hay stack. An hour into my sleep, I was awakened to what felt like my two arms being yanked out of bed. Terrified I woke my parents up for spiritual comfort. Sending me back to sleep. I choose to sleep in my younger brother's room for the night.

For the next two weeks I was terrified to go back into the woods or even do my usual daily things without thinking about what happened or possibly getting possessed. I lost about twenty pounds not having the appetite to eat. I spoke with my pastor of my church about the tug I got while I was sleeping. He left me with encouraging worlds that helped me a ton.

I again started reading my Bible and became myself again. But on the very last day I said my prayers and wondered to myself if God allowed these events to happen to me as a test of my faith. I opened my eyes to see a human figure but with deer like antlers in my bed room on the opposite side of me. It's stood about 6 foot. 5 inches over my height. It began to approach me. I shut my eyes for a few seconds a quick prayer again and open my eyes to a empty room.

That was the very first and last paranormal experience I've ever had. I don't fear the paranormal anymore but these experiences will always be with me for the rest of my life. I thank God I wasn't hurt that night I saw the figure in my room. I haven't been much in those woods anymore since. I've moved a few miles closer to the loud cities. But every other month I return to walk my dogs. I found my answer to this creature after listening to your story shares and believe it to be a Skin walker.

Thanks for reading. Let me know back what you thought of my experience Darkness Prevails. - Tim Jwah
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