It was your average late-night barbecue. Parents are drinking, kids hangout at the neighbors house, cool with a decent breeze every here and there. Just a normal hangout night.

The parents were at my house's front yard. Us kids were getting bored, so I suggested a game of night-time hide and seek tag. Me and my friend, i'll call him Konnor for now, were in my friend's backyard. We jumped up on the fence and sat there, waiting for someone to spot us. I am a addict of the paranormal. I watch "Ghost Adventures" and "Paranormal Caught on Camera." Anyway, the person that is it it came around the corner. "I see you!" he said, running towards us.

We jumped down from the fence on the other side. We ran for Konnor's house, and walked around the other side. We sat there for around 15 minutes without a peep. I looked over to Konnor, and he was shaking. I put my hand on his shoulder, and it was probably 30 degrees fahrenheit around him. His face was pale. "Are you cold?" he asked me. I shook my head, and his face was white as snow. I turned around, and saw two glowing red lights. They seemed to pierce my soul. They moved to the left, and phased through the wall. I took of my coat, and wrapped it around him.

After 5 minutes we heard a scream. It sounded like my little sister. We ran over to her, and saw a dark figure standing over her. I stood tall, and ran to the figure. "YAAAAAAA!" I yelled, as I waved my arms. It turned around, and immediately I noticed what it was.

A Wendigo with red, piercing eyes. It ran towards the woods, and my little sister was cold as ice. Up to this day I haven't seen the wendigo, but I did describe it to my big sister.
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