So I work at a daycare as a toddler teacher. As many people know already, kids are particularly sensitive to paranormal entities and the like. This has lead me to make a collection of happenings in my classroom. Anyways, onto the incidences.

From what I know, the classroom I'm in has always been a little interesting. When I had first started there, the bathroom connected to the room had one of those knobs that had a push-in lock that you could easily unlock with a paperclip on the outside. That knob would always, always lock on its own. At first we thought it was just the kids being little punks, but then we heard the knob lock itself during nap time when all the kids were sleeping. It was a little spooky, but nothing terribly concerning. Fast forward to my 4th month working there and I had already gotten used to the bathroom door being wonky. At this point in time we had gained a few new children who would always sit and stare at something on the ceiling that I couldn't see. They sometimes would laugh and follow whatever was up there for hours rather than play with the blocks or home center. I didn't think too much of it until my head director finally got a different knob for the bathroom that didn't lock, and then it's like everything hit the fan. Whatever resided in that bathroom didn't like that little change and it made that very clear with the bathroom smelling like rotten eggs for weeks before it finally went away. Nobody could explain the smell, but honestly as somebody who has watched Supernatural, the evidence was pretty clear that it was something of demonic energy.

Fast forward again to the daycare undergoing some building changes and a new business owner. At this point the children in my class are constantly playing with this entity, and nothing too weird has happened yet. That is, until one of my kids pointed in the corner where the others were simply sitting and laughing at the empty space before them called the entity "daddy". Mind you, I have toddlers (this includes 1-3 year olds) and they tend to call any woman in the building "mommy". This really freaked me out at first, but honestly? Worse has happened in that building. Anyways, so they gradually get into the habit of talking to this entity and referring to it as their father. Things were calm and I didn't feel like anything bad was gonna happen.

Recently, I had gone on a 10 day vacation, and since I'm technically the only toddler teacher, they had to get someone from the pre-k department to take over my class while I was out. Sorry if that seems like a random detail, but this is important to the sense that I've been the only teacher in that room with the kids for a year and that entity is used to the daily schedule at this point in time. After I've come back from vacation, I find that my classroom hadn't been used since after the first 2 days because the kids kept saying "daddy scary" and wouldn't relax, and would even go as far as trying to escape the classroom. So they went to the spare classroom that hadn't been used in a while until I came back.

When I was setting up on my first day back, the room smelled of rotten eggs again and the air was really thick like it was hard to breathe in. It made me anxious to stay in that classroom with my kids, but the director was excited to have me back in my original classroom so my hands were tied. The smell went away after a few hours, but the smell was only the beginning of the revenge of the entity. Around morning snack time, one of the lights that I was under literally popped off and nearly hit me on my head. It missed me by a few centimeters as I felt the wind on my face from it falling. The kids were, surprisingly, cheering. Which sounds terrible, but what they were saying was even worse. They kept chanting that "daddy's happy!" while pointing at the ceiling. I know that sounds so fake, but it really happened and I hate that it did. The incidences didn't stop there, but it got more tame at least. From stuffed toys on high shelves flying off and into the pit of wild children whooping and cheering to the radio going to static while playing a CD. That day was intense, but only very recently has activity like that stopped. Everything is as it were before my vacation, but I still find it unsettling that the kids absolutely adore this thing and that it interacts with the kids.

So that's my story of a possible demonic entity playing house with my daycare kids. If you couldn't make the connection before, my kids call me "mommy", which only makes the whole situation more tense in my opinion. I'm allegedly married to some creature (according to everybody I've told offline) I can't see and it has an apparent attachment to me, though it's never followed me home. What a wild experience, amirite?
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