I was 16 when I had decided to spend the night at my grandmothers house. I had always been interested in the paranormal . I have always been able to see things others couldn’t  not all of my encounters with the paranormal are horrifying but some take the cake.

Anyways on to the story my grandmother had fallen asleep around midnight as I should mention she takes sleeping pills to help her sleep and once she does it’s extremely hard to wake her up.

But as she went to sleep I was left sitting in the living room watching tv. It was maybe around 2 am and I had started getting this weird feeling like something was watching me. I started looking around the house but I couldn’t find anything that looked out of place or weird. But as I was walking back to the living room the front door caught my attention I didn’t remember leaving it unlocked I walked over slowly and quickly locked it back.

As I was walking away I heard a little knock almost like someone softly was knocking on the door trying to get my attention .

So I slowly walked back and reached for the curtains with a trembling hand I pulled them aside so very slowly knowing i was gonna see something terrifying but nothing.

Nothing was there I just pushed it to the side and blamed it on paranoia. It was around 3:30 am now and I had started trying to go to sleep. It was about maybe 10 min after I had closed my eyes I heard a tapping sound from the window it was barely noticeable. I didn’t pay much attention I just thought it was a tree branch . But the tapping got louder and louder I was starting to get pissed I thought the raccoons were out and getting into stuff again.

I walked over and jerked the curtains away from the window but what I saw was far from a raccoon. I was frozen I couldn’t even scream my whole body was trembling and I didn’t even wanna breathe. It had fur around it almost like a dogs fur . It looked like a mix of a dear, dog and bear.

It was huge and it’s eyes glowed a reddish yellow color almost demonic . I didn’t know what to do I thought I was gonna piss myself but that wasn’t even the worst part as I slowly backed away it smiled at me and tapped on the glass with its long skinny claws and just kept smiling it’s teeth looked so sharp and in human . I didn’t know what it was but it looked as if it was toying with me and could smell the fear rolling off me in waves.

It twisted it’s head like it was watching me like I was prey and it’s eyes closed for a second and you could hear it breathe in. I finally got up the courage to run away and wake up my Mamaw I told her something was outside but she didn’t believe me I locked the bedroom door and sat in the floor to scared to move.

I started hearing the tapping again it got louder and louder I thought the glass was going to break. But all of a sudden it stopped and I think I was more scared about the fact that it stopped and I didn’t know where that thing went. But I had a feeling it was still there just waiting. Waiting for me to come out.
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